The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–02.09.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 02.09.85

Oooooo, this one is TV-14, with a disclaimer at the beginning about differing views and all that. Plus a “Presented in the most complete form possible” disclaimer on top of that.

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

Buddy Landel v. Brad Armstrong

Kicking off the show with a bang, I see. Buddy attacks in the corner, but Brad comes back with a hiptoss and slam, then chases him out of the ring with a dropkick. Back in, Brad works the arm while Buddy does some cartoonish selling of it, showing how unbreakable that the hold is. Brad tries a bodypress and Buddy counters with a backbreaker and drops elbows on Brad’s back to set up a camel clutch. He apparently learned that from Skandor Akbar! I can’t imagine that “Sit on his back and pull on his chin” would require much in the way of specific instruction, but it was a different time. Buddy goes to a chinlock, but misses a kneedrop and then misses his devastating corkscrew elbow. Brad makes a comeback and slugs away, but tries another bodypress and Buddy tries to counter him again into a backbreaker. So this time Brad slips out the back and hooks a sleeper, and that puts Buddy away at 5:00. This was good action and I approve of it. It doesn’t need saying yet again that Brad was aces in the ring but just didn’t have the personality to back it up, but…you know.

Last week: Iceman Parsons gets screwed over by Sheik Hercules, costing him a loss to Kamala.

Kamala v. Tim Horner

Horner tries a headlock and gets beaten down as a result, and Kamala follows with a chop and chokes him out. Horner does fight back with a dropkick, but Kamala shrugs him off and continues choking him, then goes to the TITTY TWISTER OF DEATH and chops Horner down again. Faceplant sets up the big fat splash to finish at 2:55.

Last week, Duggan and Terry Taylor have a pretty awesome tag match against Dibiase & Dr. Death. So next week, Dibiase faces off with Duggan in a “best dressed man” contest to settle that question once and for all.

Ted Dibiase v. Private Terry Daniels

Joel Watts lays out the differences in philosophy here, in that Daniels loves America because of all the freedom, but Dibiase loves America because of all the money. But one thing is certain: Everyone loves America on Bill Watts’ show. Dibiase works a headlock, but Daniels gets a crossbody for two and a small package for two. He also tries a sunset flip, but Ted smashes him with the black glove to take over again and slugs away in the corner. Back elbow and Ted goes up for the middle rope elbow. But then Daniels fights back again with a dropkick, but misses a kneedrop and Ted goes after the knee as a result. Daniels fights off the figure-four attempt valiantly and comes back with a backdrop out of the corner, but he goes up and misses a dropkick and Ted puts him away with a Boston crab at 4:20. Another good match, even with dumpy jobber Daniels in there.

Iceman Parsons & Little Coco & Cowboy Lang v. Jack Victory & Little Tokyo & Lord Littlebrook

Well Parsons is already sliding down the card, I see. Iceman dropkicks Victory out of the ring and then the midgets come in and do some midget stuff. Coco headbutts Littlebrook and backdrops him, but Victory hits Coco with a cheapshot from the apron. So Iceman comes in and carries Coco back to his corner so he can get a tag. Iceman beats on Victory, and the midgets come in with a double backdrop on Victory and Parsons puts him away at 4:00. Fine for what it was.

Jake Roberts & Sheik Hercules v. Shawn Michaels & Jason Walker

Doesn’t happen, as Iceman immediately runs out with a strap and challenges Hercules to a match somewhere down the road.

Steve Williams v. Hacksaw Duggan

Jim Ross notes that in the Big 8, they call it a SLOBBERKNOCKER when big hosses collide. And this will probably be that. Doc tries a hiptoss and Duggan hits his own and drops elbows. Williams takes him down with a headlock, however, and cranks on it. Duggan slugs free, but Williams beats him on the ropes and goes up with a flying splash that misses. So Duggan makes the comeback and drops an elbow, but Doc shoulderblocks him to the floor and they fight on the apron until Duggan rams his arm into the ringpost. Back in, the three-point stance clothesline finishes at 3:40. As promised, a good hoss fight.

Mid-South TV title: Terry Taylor v. Hector Guerrero

We’ve got minimal time left in this show so I’m not expecting a finish. They trade some stuff and Chavo trips up Taylor and gets involved, and the Rock N Rolls save as the match is thrown out at 2:00.

Next week: The Rock N Roll Express face the Alamo Busters! Plus the tuxedo contest!

Really digging 1985 thus far.