NXT UK – May 29, 2019

Date: May 29, 2019
Location: Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

It’s time for some fallout as last week saw Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel interfered to cost Pete Dunne his rematch against Walter for the United Kingdom Title. It seems like Dunne needs some friends and that’s just what he has. Other than that we have one more week before the four way for the #1 contendership. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at last week’s main event with Dunne getting cheated out of the title.

Opening sequence.

Here are Walter, Barthel and Aichner to open things up, with the fans giving a loud WE WANT DUNNE chant. We have to wait a second for the fans to calm down as it’s another case of no one being bale to say a word. Barthel says they are here to lead us to a better NXT UK and raise the professionalism of their sport. They are the ones to lead because they hold true power. Aichner says Dunne and British Strong Style have expired. None of them can lead NXT UK in the right direction so now it’s up to the three of them.

Walter says this mat is sacred to them and the three of them will be known as Imperium. This brings out British Strong Style and they waste no time in starting the fight. A cameraman goes down so the camera sits on its side as referees come out….and we lose the feed. Nice job with the tease.

Sid Scala makes the six man tag for two weeks.

Mark Coffey/Wolfgang vs. A-Kid/Carlos Romo

Wolfgang runs Romo over at the bell and it’s off to Coffey for a toss across the ring as the destruction is on fast. The fans are behind Gallus for a change as Romo gets a rollup for two and brings A-Kid for a breather. That goes badly as well as Coffey hits a chokeslam and brings Wolfgang back in for more aggressive shouting. Coffey’s seated full nelson keeps A-Kid in trouble and he swings it around for a bonus. A jawbreaker gets A-Kid over for a tag….and Wolfgang ax handles him in the chest to knock him silly. Wolfgang powerslams A-Kid as Coffey adds an enziguri for the pin at 3:28.

Rating: C. Rebuilding Gallus isn’t the worst idea in the world as Imperium is going to need someone to fight after they get done with British Strong Style. Then again this was in Scotland so Gallus was going to be more over here than anywhere else in the world so it’s not likely to carry on from here.

Xia Brookside doesn’t like Jinny bringing in Jazzy Gabbert to do her dirty work. Isla Dawn comes in and offers a partnership, which intrigues Xia.

Joseph Conners wants to see how tough Ilja Dragunov really is.

Video on next week’s four way.

Kassius Ohno vs. Jack Gallagher

They take their time to start with Ohno’s headlock sending Gallagher over to the ropes for a clean break. Ohno takes him down and starts in on the leg but Gallagher spins up with ease to show off the technical skills. It’s right back to the ankle before Ohno switches over to an armbar. Gallagher tries three straight handstands before going with a headscissors to take over. Ohno uses his own bouncing escape before popping to his feet as it’s a chess match so far.

They go back to the mat with Ohno tying up the legs until Gallagher gets up again. This time Ohno tries a full nelson, which Gallagher breaks by raising his legs and pulling himself down. That means another standoff into a test of strength with Ohno taking him down again. Something like a spinebuster plants Gallagher but he spins out of another leg crank. The handstand in the corner legs Gallagher jump over Ohno….and he ties himself in a ball in the middle.

Ohno gets smart and stomps away before pulling on the leg again. Since we haven’t had an escape in a few seconds, Gallagher spins out and fires off forearms, only to get kicked in the head. The rolling elbow is blocked with a headbutt to Ohno’s arm and Gallagher, with a bloody nose, tries to take him down into an armbar. With that not working it’s off to a triangle choke but Ohno powers up for a slam. A backsplash crushes Gallagher and they’re both down. They chop it out until the rolling forearm knocks Gallagher silly for the pin at 12:33, with Ohno pulling the foot from underneath the rope after the pin.

Rating: B-. I had a lot of fun with this as they were going with the British style of counters and holds, making it quite the entertaining match. Gallagher’s foot being underneath the rope sets up either a rematch or gives Ohno another talking point when he talks to Scala and the invisible Johnny Saint.

Piper Niven is ready to fight Rhea Ripley whenever.

We recap the opening brawl.

Women’s Title: Nina Samuels vs. Toni Storm

Toni is defending. Feeling out process to start with Nina slipping out of an early armbar attempt. A kick to the chest sends Nina outside and Toni snaps off a cartwheel. Back in and a series of uppercuts give Toni two but Nina ties her up in the ropes for a dropkick between the shoulders. An armbar has the champ in some trouble and a Hennig necksnap gets two.

Two knees to the back get two but Storm is right back with a German suplex. Storm Zero is countered so Storm grabs an STF for something that looks a lot like a tap. The rope gets Nina out of trouble and she kicks Toni in the head to take over again. Toni headbutts the heck out of her for two, followed by Nina’s double underhook backbreaker for the same. Nina’s missile dropkick gets two more but Toni rolls some single underhook suplexes. Storm Zero retains the title at 9:44.

Rating: C-. This might as well have been a house show title match with no reason to believe that Samuels was going to win the title. The women’s division is too strong to believe that Storm is going to be threatened by a lower name like Samuels. Not with people like Jinny, Ripley, Gabbert and Niven around. It’s not a bad match, but the drama wasn’t there.

Overall Rating: C+. The wrestling was pretty good this week and the big angle at the beginning made the show work well enough. It’s not as good as last week but that’s not a fair comparison to make. At least we have two weeks worth of big matches to look forward to, which is something very few shows can pull off these days, or almost ever for that matter.

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