What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – June 17, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are calling the action from Orlando, Florida.  This show was taped on May 5.

Opening Contest:  Sergeant Craig Pittman (20-0) beats Tommy Tanner via submission to the Code Red at 2:59:

With Alex Wright’s win streak having been snapped at the hands of Arn Anderson and Ric Flair, Pittman now has the best record in the promotion.  He does some basic arm work on Tanner before clamping down on the Code Red.  Oorah, indeed.

Gene Okerlund interviews Colonel Robert Parker and Meng.  Parker gives Okerlund an old cigar and promises that Meng will badly hurt Sting at The Great American Bash and win the United States Championship.

Stars & Stripes (20-7) defeat Sledgehammer McGill & Tony Mella when Marcus Bagwell pins McGill after a suplex-flying body press combination at 2:38:

With the Patriot leaving WCW for All-Japan, this is the last appearance of Stars & Stripes.  They make this a winning effort, with Bagwell clocking McGill with a beautiful chin-high dropkick and scoring the pin with the usual.

Paul Orndorff (10-3) pins Steve Storm after a piledriver at 2:23:

Orndorff works faster than his usual pace, flexing for the crowd like he is Hulk Hogan after he smashes Storm’s face into the arena floor mats.  Orndorff has not lost since jobbing to the Great Muta at Slamboree.

Vader (w/Ric Flair) (11-2) pins Mike Khoury after a Vader Bomb at 2:02:

Vader has not competed since Slamboree but he shows no signs of ring rust against Khoury, who he has defeated earlier in the year in a handicap match.  Poor Khoury endures a powerbomb and then a Vader Bomb before losing.

Okerlund interviews Sting, who investigates the cigar that Okerlund received earlier from Colonel Robert Parker.  He peels the covering off the cigar to show that it is a cheap knock off.  Sting acknowledges that Meng can dish it out, but he promises to respond in kind at The Great American Bash.

Ric Flair does a taped promo refuting those who say he does not have the guts to face Randy Savage at The Great American Bash.  He dredges up the past by saying that he stole his wife in 1993 and beat up his dad in 1995.

Harlem Heat (w/Sister Sherri) (24-3-2) defeat Scott Armstrong & Tim Horner when Booker T pins Armstrong after a Harlem Side Kick at 9:53:

Schiavone notes that the Heat has issued a challenge to whomever wins the Nasty Boys-Blue Bloods match at The Great American Bash and wishes to get a title shot on next week’s show.  Although they have not teamed together this year, Armstrong and Horner have good chemistry, working a nice spot where Armstrong avoids Booker T’s Harlem Side Kick and Horner clotheslines Booker off the ropes that he has been crotched on.  Booker really shines in this match as well, flying all over the place when Horner is placed in peril and working in a few spots like his early version of the Spinarooni.  Even Stevie Ray, who typically slows things down, picks up the pace and uses a host of power moves to put himself over as the muscle of the team.  And even though this is a match where the outcome is not in doubt, Schiavone and Heenan excel at putting it over, a necessity given WCW dearth of tag teams.  Due to its pacing and the intensity shown by the participants, this was the Heat’s best match since late February.  Rating:  ***

Tune in next week to see Harlem Heat wrestle the WCW Tag Team Champions!  Also, Diamond Dallas Page and Brian Pillman will be in action!

The Last Word:  Tim Horner’s streak of good matches remains intact as he and Armstrong pushed Harlem Heat to the limit in the main event.  Losing Stars & Stripes is not going to be good for WCW’s tag team division and the promotion desperately needs a new influx of talent as watching squashes by Alex Wright, Craig Pittman, the Nasty Boys, and Meng is getting old.

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