Smackdown – May 28, 2019

Date: May 28, 2019
Location: BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

We’re finishing the month tonight with another night of pumping up Super ShowDown, which may in fact be better than (or equal to) Wrestlemania. Whatever is presented tonight almost has to be better than last night’s show, but WWE has shown an incredible ability to lower the bar before. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Dolph Ziggler returning last week and destroying Kofi Kingston.

Here’s Kevin Owens for a match but you know we can’t start things off that easily. Before he gets to talk, we see a long video on Owens joining and then turning on New Day, plus attacking Big E.’s knee last week. Back in the arena, Owens talks about how he wanted to do a Kevin Owens Show here but Oklahoma doesn’t deserve him. He’s been accused of attacking Big E. but he had nothing to do with that. Owens likes the idea of Dolph Ziggler winning the WWE Championship because it will be due to what Owens has done. Cue Owens’ opponent to cut him off.

Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

Non-title. Hang on again though as Kofi grabs the mic and says he doesn’t believe Owens didn’t attack Big E. Owens lied about wanting to be part of the New Day because he is a liar. Kofi says tonight, Owens is going to pay for what he did to Big E.’s knee and attacking Woods week in and week out. Kofi dropkicks him at the bell but Owens drops him on the back of his head to take over as we hit an early break.

Back with Kofi in trouble but managing to fight out of a chinlock. Owens pulls him right back down and send Kofi head first into the mat. For some reason Owens goes for Kofi’s feet but gets kicked to the floor, setting up the big dive over the top to drop Owens again. We take another break and come back again with Kofi fighting out of another chinlock. Owens sends him outside again though and hits a frog splash off the apron to crush the ribs all over again.

That’s good for a nine count, followed by another frog splash for two back inside. Owens goes up top but this time Kofi is there to forearm away. A headbutt knocks Kofi down and the Swanton gets two as these kickouts are becoming way too much to take. The Pop Up powerbomb is countered and a quick Trouble in Paradise gives Kofi the pin at 16:48.

Rating: C+. Yeah that was too much for Kofi to survive and Owens was hurt pretty badly by not being able to beat him after two frog splashes and a Swanton. Kofi surviving three big spots like that took me out of things and I just didn’t buy it. The rest of the match was good, but it was hard to believe what I was seeing.

R-Truth and Carmella run from everyone with Truth saying how hard it is to defend the European Title. He has to run all the time, even at the dentist’s office. Do you know how hard it is to get a cavity filled when you have to kick out of pins? They run off and evade Drake Maverick, who has the wanted posters again.

Here are Daniel Bryan and Rowan for a chat. Bryan calls the Smackdown tag team division a joke, which is completely accurate. Rowan even makes a knock knock joke to make it clear how bad the division really is. They’re no joke though because they have big plans. While fat, ignorant humans ate the beautiful creatures over Memorial Day, such as an intelligent pig named Wiggles or a cow named Wilbur, they didn’t realize that those creatures had names.

Oklahoma is worse than anyone else, with their fracking and oil well drilling, which brings them earthquakes. The fans cheer for that but the intimidated Kayla Braxton says that there are some teams who want to challenge them. Cue Heavy Machinery with Otis hitting the gyrations. They want a title shot right now and here’s a referee. Bryan and Rowan accept the challenge, but not in a fracking state like this. Heavy Machinery make sense as challengers, though Bryan is right about the division being so bad.

Sonya Deville is proud of Mandy Rose being on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine and the two hand out copies to some people. They run into Ember Moon, who is sitting around reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of all things. Sonya gives her all the magazines because she needs them to be a star.

Carmella vs. Mandy Rose

Mandy gets half an entrance and armdrags Carmella down to start. She shows off the magazine, which Carmella kicks away. A Thesz press has Mandy in trouble but she sends Carmella face first into the middle buckle. The chinlock goes on for a bit, followed by a jumping knee to the face. Carmella sends her into the corner for a quick Bronco Buster but has to superkick Sonya down. That’s enough for Mandy to get a rollup pin at 3:10.

Rating: D. This was an advertisement disguised as a match and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mandy being on the cover of the magazine is a nice accomplishment and they did a fine job of letting people know about it. Besides it’s not like a three minute match is going to hurt things, especially after last night’s minute and a half of action in the first seventy minutes.

Jinder Mahal jumps Truth but gets thrown outside for his efforts. Truth hides in a well placed photo booth, which allows the mob to run past him. Drake Maverick FINALLY runs into him and the chase is on again.

Aleister Black says he gets it. Everyone is waiting for Black to throw out a name and pick a fight with someone. There lies the conundrum though. He is sitting here waiting patiently for someone, anyone, to pick a fight with him. Well it’s better than the weird poetry.

Here are Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre for Shane McMahon Appreciation Night. Shane says he doesn’t do what he does night in and night out for a trophy or adulation. He just enjoys his life and being out here in front of these people. Shane came back home to help run a family business and the greatest praise he can have is the company’s success.

We see a Shane highlight package, which continues to show that WWE doesn’t quite get how to present Shane. Back in the arena, Shane praises Kevin Dunn for the video (Shane: “Don’t boo Kevin Dunn.”) and says it was for Roman Reigns. A few weeks ago, Reigns punched Vince McMahon and that was biting the hand that feeds him. At Super ShowDown, Shane is going to beat some respect into him. Elias sings about how Shane is the best in the world and how Texas is better than Oklahoma….and here are R-Truth and Drake Maverick.

Truth hits a gordbuster and pins Maverick but Shane isn’t happy with the dancing. As I try to figure out why Truth bothered to pin him, the beatdown is on with Elias hitting Drift Away and McIntyre adding the Claymore….so Elias can win the title. Shane is out of breath from that thirty seconds of action but still manages to make Elias/McIntyre vs. Truth/Reigns. The 24/7 rules are suspended until the end of the match so Elias can focus.

Charlotte and Lacey Evans are having tea and rip on Becky Lynch and Bayley for being rude. Now that Becky has lost her title, it’s time to send Bayley back to the kiddie pool.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party is set for Super ShowDown.

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans

Non-title with Charlotte on commentary. Bayley starts fast with a rollup but gets sent into the corner. Lacey walks into a knee to the face but she’s fine enough to send Bayley outside where Charlotte stands up as we take a break. Back with Bayley hitting a crossbody for two until Lacey sends her into the corner again. Lacey pulls out the wipe for some annoyance but Bayley grabs the Stunner over the ropes. It’s time to head outside with Charlotte getting involved again, earning herself a shove from Bayley. Charlotte charges in and the distraction lets Bayley get a rollup to put Evans away at 7:17.

Rating: D+. I’m glad that they’re giving Bayley an actual push for a change though Evans shouldn’t be taking pins when she’s coming up on another shot at Becky Lynch. Then again that would suggest not having this match in the first place and that seems to be a little too much to ask for from WWE.

Post match Bayley leaves and Lacey goes after Charlotte, earning herself a big foot to the face.

Video on HHH vs. Randy Orton.

We see a promo from last week where Finn Balor said he was banged up in Money in the Bank. That’s why he didn’t get to perform last week and he’s not happy about it.

Andrade says he powerbombed Balor on the ladder and it’s going to be worse at Super ShowDown.

Here’s this week’s Firefly Fun House.

Roman Reigns/R-Truth vs. Elias/Drew McIntyre

Truth is banged up and the 24/7 Rules are suspended. Hang on as Elias, McIntyre and Shane jump Truth during his entrance. Reigns helps beat up Elias and McIntyre as Shane gets stared up the ramp. The bell rings and Shane offers a distraction so Elias can hammer away on Reigns in the corner. The neck crank has Reigns in early trouble until a Samoan drop breaks things up. Truth actually comes in so it’s a Glasgow Kiss to cut him off in a hurry. Drew whips him into the barricade and we take a break.

Back with Truth still in trouble as Elias and McIntyre take turns beating on him. Truth manages to send Drew outside though and the diving tag brings in Reigns for a nice reaction. The corner clotheslines and a big boot drop Elias as everything breaks down. The apron boot hits Elias but Reigns has to punch Shane in the face. Drew misses the Claymore on the distracted Reigns and it’s a spear to finish Elias at 10:44.

Rating: D+. Just a main event tag here and there wasn’t exactly a lot of doubt in how things were going to be finishing up. If nothing else though, it was nice to have Shane be the pesky manager he should be rather than getting in the ring to have these matches. He’s fine in that role, but for some reason WWE would rather have him be competitive in major matches. I’m sure there’s no connection to that and the lack of solid, top heels in the company.

Post match Reigns has an idea and spears Elias again so Truth can win the title back. I mean, it is beneath Reigns to win it after all.

Overall Rating: C-. It really is amazing how far Raw has fallen when this show, which was only kind of good at times, blows it completely out of the water. The wrestling was average at best and there wasn’t really anything you needed to see but there were never any moments where I wanted to go jump off a balcony or stick my head in a vice. It’s still not great, but I’ll take watchable over….whatever Monday was every day.



Kofi Kingston b. Kevin Owens – Trouble in Paradise

Mandy Rose b. Carmella – Rollup

Bayley b. Lacey Evans – Rollup

Roman Reigns/R-Truth b. Elias/Drew McIntyre – Spear to Elias

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