What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – June 17, 1995

(Note:  With the school year over, I have time to accelerate my 1995 WCW reviews.  I will post them each afternoon through throughout the week just like Bayless does for his WWF reviews so by the end of this week we should be through the 1995 edition of The Great American Bash)

The June 12 edition of WCW Prime had a new match featuring Paul Orndorff and Tim Horner with Gordon Solie and Dusty Rhodes on the call:

Prime “MOOOOOOO” Match of the Week:  Paul Orndorff (9-3) pins Tim Horner (0-7) after a kneeling facebuster at 2:39:

Compared to matches that have recently aired on Prime this has an ounce of legitimacy because Horner won some tag matches earlier in the year with Brad Armstrong.  Horner’s obituary is written before the bell, though, as he is given the jobber entrance.  Orndorff and Horner trade offense before Orndorff goes to the top rope and plants Horner’s face into the canvas with his knee.  Orndorff is waiting to see who wins the Arn Anderson-Renegade match at The Great American Bash as he is getting a television title shot at Bash at the Beach.

And now we head to WCW Pro for June 17 with Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Zbyszko doing commentary.

Opening Contest:  Meng (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (19-0-1) beats Ian Weston after a thrust kick at 2:27:

Weston mounts no offense against Meng, who could pin him after a piledriver but opts to run through some more offense before winning yet another squash match.

Gene Okerlund does The Great American Bash Control Center.  Randy Savage says he is going to make it easy to make his mother sleep night when he cuts off Ric Flair’s head and serves it to fans on a platter.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to find out what heavyweight star “who has ties to the dark side” was at the WCW offices over the weekend.  He might even appear at The Great American Bash!

Solie announces that the Nasty Boys will face the Blue Bloods on WCW Saturday Night.

Non-Title Match:  The Nasty Boys (WCW Tag Team Champions) (28-2-1) defeat Barry Hardy & Chris Speaker when Jerry Sags pins Speaker after the Trip to Nastyville at 2:34:

Dusty marks out for the Nasties cluberin’ as they annihilate Hardy and Speaker, who are sporting matching purple tights reminiscent of 1990s wrestling culture.

In the newest Dungeon of Doom vignette, the Master tells Kevin Sullivan that he needs to take the final step.  Sullivan runs into part of the cave and reappears with painted horns on his head, wearing a red and yellow jumpsuit.  The Master tells Sullivan that he now has all the power and knowledge he needs to defeat Hulkamania.

Alex Wright (37-3-1) pins Crusher Stone after a reverse flying body press at 3:31:

Stone significantly outweighs Wright but that does not prevent Das Wunderkind from scoring a few takedowns and applying some submission holds.  Stone keeps bumping for Wright’s basic moves, including a basic snapmare, and he is put down without much of a fight.

Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (10-4) defeat Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner (3-5) when Buck pins Armstrong after a Flair pin at 12:35:

Just like Paul Roma, Armstrong was dismissed from WCW weeks ago but his appearances on taped shows have not finished.  These two teams faced off on April 15, with Slater and Buck winning through nefarious means.  In a twist from the usual tag formula, the heels have a false tag spot pulled on them as Armstrong and Horner are desperate to end a two-match losing streak.  The babyfaces have that spot happen to them later, though, when Horner is placed in peril.  Armstrong cleans house on a hot tag, holding his own against the heels, but his cradle of Buck is reversed by Slater and Buck scores the winning pin with the help of the ropes.  The former Lighting Express worked another miracle in getting a serviceable match out of Slater and Buck, who continue to fly under the radar with a nice win/loss record as we near the halfway point of the year.  Rating:  ***¼

The Last Word:  The main event was a great piece of tag team wrestling, hindered only by the fact that Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner are glorified mechanics and had very little chance to win.  Still, the match rescued a pretty dull show.

Up Next:  WCW Worldwide for June 17!