The Cheap and Lazy Sunday Thread

FUCK YEAH, RAPTORS!  NBA Finals for Canada!  Finally we can reclaim the game we invented!

Anyway, AEW Double or Nothing was last night and I was unable to make it home from work in time to watch the live stream and I wanted to watch the basketball game first anyway, and the replay doesn’t start on Fite.TV until sometime around when this is being posted Sunday morning.  So that’s my Sunday morning task!  Fear not, though, because Tommy already has a review up and I’ve posted the pre-game review as a teaser for you.

Tonight is the Stanley Cup Finals and Boston can still fuck off and die for 2011 and YES I KNOW I’M STILL BITTER AND WHAT ABOUT IT, so I’m hoping the Blues can finally win their first Cup after 50 years in the league.

Have a great Sunday, unless you’re from Boston and cheer for the Bruins.  I’ve got no time for you.