Hardyz in the HoF

I think it's a given that the Hardyz make the HoF as a tag team. But do you see them getting in individually? Matt had a pretty legit career with some pretty neat characters (Broken being obvious even if it wasn't in WWE, And I wish he'd bring back V1.0 one more time while Jeffs on the shelf), and Jeff has pretty much won every title in existence (WWE, World Heavyweight, IC, US, Hardcore, European, Light Heavyweight, basically every Tag Team title that ever existed. Only other person to pull off a similar feat is Jericho) and at one point was considered second only to Cena in popularity (that first WWE title win is one of the loudest pops I've ever heard) and is still pretty damn over.

I’m fine with any combination of them going in, to be honest.  They qualify all three ways.