My head hurts…

I like and respect Dolph Ziggler as a talent and performer. Let’s get that out of the way. For the love of god, I even defended his dumb finishing move in detail on the Blog before.

What no one seems to get in the WWE is that having your guys all work with the same mish-mash of geeks constantly doesn’t change their level or get them anymore or less over man. It’s so frustrating. Kofi “broke out” in QTR 1 his year by working hour long matches with mostly dudes that were presented as being above his level (AJ, Oroton, Bryan etc…) AS SOON as you put him in a program with Vince’s least over gatekeeper since X-pac, its a midcard program that doesn’t help either guy. I don’t care which of the 20 freaking belts the match is supposed to be for. This could be just another US Title match from 2014 for all anyone cares based on the presentation. This is just another idea that bunches Kofi back in with the same pile of nobodies that he’s always been with.

Also, if Dolph Ziggler is the BIG SURPRISE all the time, it negates the flipping surprise, eh? No rehab, or progression for Ziggler as a contender or character either. He was the Shield’s whipping boy last time we saw him in a significant program and all he did was lose to the point that his make-shift stable turned on him (form a character standpoint) and dissolved. Now he shows up, punches the champion, and he’s challenging for the belt? In ’17 and ’18 combined Ziggler LITERALLY lost more than he ever won on TV and he’s had 1 match in ’19… that he lost.

Just… No. That isn’t how you do that. Maybe I should go back to working nights.

I’m normally not the WWE hating type of guy. To be fair, even on bad nights, there is usually very good wrestling here and there. Unfortunately, wrestling is much less fun when people just aren’t over. AJ is cooled off, Roman is as flat as he’s ever been, Kofi is wrestling Ziggler for the belt, Bryan’s getting pinned on pre-shows. I don’t like to be that “WWE sucks these days” negative guy. I really don’t.

Maybe it’s been significantly worse recently, maybe it’s just because I’ve had access to the weekly stuff more often, or maybe I just have a hair up my ass lately. Specifically, since WM, things have not been great that I have seen. It’s one thing when they try something different and it misses, it’s another when they dig up 20-year-old ideas and put enhancement guys in their WWE Title programs without any discernable reason.

You’ve got some SPICE in you lately!  Keep up the entertaining breakdown of their problems, I’m enjoying it!