Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #317 – 22 05 1999

Hello You!

So here we are, a week removed from ECW Hardcore Heaven 99. You can read my full thoughts on that show HERE, but to give you the short version; the show had some good matches but ended on a downer due to Taz defending his ECW World Title against Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Yes, you read that right, Buh Buh Ray Dudley got a World Title shot. In 1999. Don’t look at me like that I didn’t chuffing book it!

On the Brightside, Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn had another corker for the ECW TV Title and the efforts of the likes of Super Crazy, Tajiri and Little Guido once again shone through. Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer even had an enjoyable bout, where Lance Storm finally managed to win a match after months of being pushed as a supposed top heel!

Of course ECW then had to spoil it by booking Justin Credible, the other half of the top heel contingent, to look like an absolute chump against Sid, once again taking one step forward only to take two steps back straight after. Here’s hoping we’ve seen the last of Sid going forward, unless it involves him getting choked out by Taz in 30 seconds.

So without further ado, lets once again take a journey to The Extreme!!!

Tonight’s matches are coming from Queens, New York and The ECW Arena in Philly respectively

Calling the action is Joey Styles

The show opens up with Paul Heyman hyping that we’ll see recaps of the action from Hardcore Heaven tonight.

Show Intro – Todays blurb being “If you think (That should be “thought” by the way Paul E) Hardcore Heaven was hot…wait until you experience a Heatwave. Heatwave ’99 Live on PPV Sunday Night, July 18th

Joey welcomes us to the show in front of the ECW banner, where he goes on to recap the Hardcore Heaven event, starting with Jerry Lynn Vs Rob Van Dam. We go to a video package from Heyman, where he compares the two men’s rivalry to that of Frasier and Ali. Bit of a stretch but he gets points for at least trying to get both guys over. For those who haven’t seen this one, Lynn got knocked out legit in the match after getting knocked off the top rope to the floor but recovered to pull out a great match. I think I remember reading somewhere that Lynn actually cracked his skull as a result of the fall, which is really gnarly.

Following the video package we go back to Joey, where he recaps how beat up both men were following the match, especially Lynn, who had blood coming out of his ear. Surprisingly Lance Storm of all people actually took Lynn to the hospital, something which Joey openly admits surprised him seeing as Storm is normally a villain on the show. This is apparently to show that Lynn earnt so much respect that even a heel like Storm cared enough to make sure he got appropriate care.


Back from the break, we see the tail end of the Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley Vs The Dudley Boyz match from Hardcore Heaven. Balls clocks both Dudleyz with his chair and then responds to Joel Gertner throwing matches at him by spitting a fireball in response. The fireball clearly misses Gertner, but work with me here. Balls is distracted long enough to turn around into a 3-D to get pinned though.

Joey hypes up more clips from Hardcore Heaven later before throwing to a match from Queens

Opening Match
Balls Mahoney Vs New Jack

This would of course turn into a real life feud long after ECW folded. If you’ve seen one New Jack match you’ve seen them all, but they actually cut a lot of this one out and reduce it to clips. New Jack goes up to the balcony in Queens for his usual “put someone through a table from a high place” spot. Security helps both men into the ring, where New Jack makes a cover on Balls for two. We cut to Balls hitting The Nutcracker Suite to pick up the win.


I can’t rate a clipped match. Looked like the usual New Jack weapons match with a surprise finish of the balcony dive not getting the job done. Balls and New Jack shake hands following the match.


Steven Prazak gives his thoughts on Hardcore Heaven, saying it was his favourite ECW show thus far, and puts over the risks that the wrestlers took in all their matches. Steve Corino interrupts though, to say that he kicked the asses of the TV crew earlier. He threatens to attack Prazak as well, but Prazak is less than intimated, so he storms off instead like a cry baby. Ah, “Cowardly Corino” was pretty funny. It’s a shame he didn’t have more time to transition into a more serious character, but ECW was so talent starved by 2000 but they kind of had no choice but to push him and push him fast.

We get still images of the Dreamer Vs Storm match from Hardcore Heaven (With the theme to Judgment Day 2000 playing in the background showing that this was clearly dubbed in at a later date). Tommy Dreamer was finally able to drop Dawn Marie with a piledriver, but Lance Storm was able to pin him in the aftermath. Standard Dreamer match then. We then get images of Justin Credible getting squashed by Sid, which lead to Sabu putting Sid through a table whilst Credible and Storm ran away. Sid basically made both the supposed top heels in the company look like absolute chumps, and then essentially no sold getting put through the table so that he could powerbomb Jeff Jones once it was all over. Basically Sid’s appearances have done nothing for any of the ECW regulars and have essentially just allowed him to get himself over at everyone else’s expense. If we see him even once more in ECW it will be one time too many.

Following the recap, we go to Cyrus The Virus who is with Justin Credible, Jason and Lance Storm. Storm says they don’t sweat anyone, including Sid, whilst Credible once again stresses that Sabu is not allowed to wrestle anymore. They state that they will be coming after the Tag Team Titles next.


Taz Vs Chris Candido from Hardcore Heaven gets the still image treatment next, as ECW World Champion Taz defeated his challenger in under 90 seconds. I assume Candido was injured, but you never know with ECW. Anyway, The Dudleyz laid Taz out after the match, which led to Taz and Buh Buh Ray battling in the main event. Taz thankfully retained his Title in the match to spare us the horror of Buh Buh Ray holding a singles World Title (At least until TNA decided to put their Title on him)


Main Event
ECW Televsion Title
Champion:  Rob Van Dam w/ Bill Alfonso Vs Skull Von Krush

This match is coming from the ECW Arena. Joey notes that it was taped prior to Hardcore Heaven, which kind of gives the finish away don’t you think? Von Krush would eventually go on to bigger fame in WCW as Big Vito. Krush attacks RVD during introductions and sends him to the outside. Krush’s Barney The Dinosaur coloured purple gear really does make him look like an absolute tool here. I’m assuming that’s intentional because he’s supposed to be a heel, but you never know.

RVD fights back with a cross body into the crowd, followed by a Van Daminator out there as well. When RVD tries a rana off the guardrail however Krush catches him and then brings him down on the concrete with a powerbomb. I know that ECW used to brag about not having mats out there, but even in my younger days I thought it was super lame and cheap that they couldn’t be bothered to get some proper mats in. It’s fine if you’re an Indy to do that, but not if you’re supposed to be a company that has designs of going national.


Back from the break. Krush is in control and splats RVD with a slam before taking off his elbow pad and doing The Peoples…Stomp. Well that was anticlimactic. RVD tries to get a spin kick, but Krush ducks and then hits a kick of his own to floor RVD, as some of the fans in the Arena seem to be getting behind him. RVD finally manages a sunset flip for two, but it’s only a momentary bit of offence as Krush takes him right back out again with a clothesline.

Krush continues to control things, dropping an elbow from the top rope for two, but when he goes for it again RVD is able to move out of the way. RVD makes a comeback by dropkicking a chair into Krush’s face, as the ECW crowd chant “Goldberg”, which is either in support of Krush because they’re both bald or a way to annoy him because he seemed to be doing some sort of far right gimmick here.

RVD monkey flips Krush onto the chair for two, before kicking the chair into his face again (Following a totally unnecessary back flip first of course) and delivering The Rolling Thunder for two.  Krush hits an Implant DDT, but takes too long to drape an arm over his opponent, which allows RVD to kick out at two. Skull heads back up top again, but Alfonso shoves him off onto the rope, which allows RVD to hit The Van Daminator and the Fivestar Frogsplash to pick up the win.


Fine for a TV main event, as Krush got a decent amount of offence in before succumbing to RVD’s trademark moves.

Joey questions just how much longer RVD can hold on to the Title considering he’s had it for 13 months now and is defending it on so many shows.

In Conclusion

This was your typical post pay per view edition of the show, as they recapped the event from the previous weekend and had one match taped from a previous cycle to at least give off the illusion of having something new.

As a recap show it was fine, but I’ve never been a big fan of these and I look forward to normal business resuming next week.

Not a bad show or anything like that, but certainly very skippable.