Smackdown – May 21, 2019

Date: May 21, 2019
Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

It’s a big night as we have the 24/7 Title making its Smackdown debut. I don’t know what else we could have that lives up to that level. The Roman Reigns vs. Elias rematch and the return of Big E. just don’t feel anywhere near as important as the comedy stuff we might be seeing. Let’s get to it.

Shane McMahon (they’re not waiting tonight) is in his office when a nervous Elias comes in. Elias didn’t like what some of the fans have been saying about him and he lost focus at Money in the Bank. He’s ready for Reigns tonight and he’ll be in Shane’s corner at Super ShowDown. Shane says he doesn’t need it, but he’ll be in Elias’ corner tonight. Well of course he will be.

Here’s an excited New Day to announce that Big E. is back. Someone is brought out under a sheet and it’s….not E. Whoever it is is smaller that Xavier Woods and he is promptly thrown out. The real Big E. comes out and there’s a party ready for him in the ring, complete with blocks and a WELCOME BACK sign. Oh and lots of pancakes of course.

Big E. asks if he can smell the other two, with Woods saying that Big E. is medically cleared to sniff. Big E. brings up Becky Lynch’s mother but Woods cuts him off, though he does agree that she’s rather attractive. Kofi gets them back on track and talks about Brock Lesnar winning Money in the Bank and Kevin Owens losing on Sunday, which brings out Owens and Sami Zayn.

Sami talks about Big E. being gone for six weeks when he was gone for nine months. Big E. thinks they should get Sami something, with the team deciding on getting him nothing. Owens leaves and Sami rants about the fans being toxic, only to be cut off by the trombone. Sami promises to beat Kofi tonight, which Kofi says he’ll take seriously.

Carmella is walking through the back and looking for R-Truth, along with a bunch of other people (Drake Maverick even has wanted posters). She finds Truth in a wig (Truth: “The title gave me away didn’t it?”) and explains the rules to him again because Truth thinks he gets to keep it if he survives seven days. He can’t do this by himself and wants her to help him get through things. Carmella, possibly due to a head injury, agrees.

Ali vs. Andrade

Ali is taped up and Andrade doesn’t get an entrance. He and Zelina do get in an early tranquilo pose so Ali kicks him out to the floor. Back in and Vega offers a distraction so Andrade can take over as we take a break. We come back with Ali hitting a tornado DDT to send Andrade outside, meaning it’s a suicide dive.

The running flip dive puts them both down and Ali’s back is banged up. They head back in with Andrade kicking him in the back and hitting Two Amigos, followed by a slam into the corner. Andrade isn’t done as he slams Ali into the timekeeper’s area and we get the dive back in at nine. Running knees to the back give Andrade two so Ali small packages him for the pin at 11:00.

Rating: C. Ali getting a fluke win is more than he usually gets so I’ll take what I can get. That being said, Andrade’s push stalls again as WWE doesn’t get how to protect someone while putting someone else over. They couldn’t do this with someone other than Andrade? Of course not….I guess.

Carmella fixes Truth’s wig and hands him a bra. Truth: “I’ve always had trouble getting these on.”

Video on Lars Sullivan.

Mandy Rose vs. Carmella

Sonya Deville and Truth are here as well. Carmella hammers away to start as we enter the filler before someone comes after Truth portion. Sonya pulls Mandy to the floor and gets in, allowing Mandy to grab a rollup for two. A superkick drops Mandy and here comes the mob to chase Truth for the no contest at 1:34.

Post match Truth runs off, with Carmella on his back, and the mob follows.

Bayley says she created her own opportunity at Money in the Bank. She’s passed the hugs and now she’s doing her best.

Carmella and Truth run into the women’s locker room and then come back out as the mob chases again.

Elias plays guitar to get ready for Reigns. I’m not sure I get the connection.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zayn

Non-title. Hang on though as Big E. has been attacked and says it was Owens. Kofi is aggressive to start and runs Sami over on the floor. Back in and Sami sends him over the top and then into the steps before giving himself some jumping applause. Kofi hits a dropkick for a breather and we take a break. We come back with Sami hitting a top rope superplex for two as we hear about Woods going with Big E. to a hospital. Sami misses a kick to the face but Trouble in Paradise misses as well. The second Trouble in Paradise connects for the pin at 8:14 to finish Zayn.

Rating: C. This had some big spots but they were packed into a short match. It’s still annoying to have Sami losing after cutting such great promos but I’ll take what I can get in a pretty action packed match. If nothing else, how bad of a sign is it that the former World Champion not losing is that big of a relief?

Post match here’s Paul Heyman with the briefcase to tease Kofi, saying it’s the perfect time. Cue DOLPH ZIGGLER from behind to attack Kofi, including wrapping a chair around his neck and sending him into the announcers’ table. Ziggler even Pillmanizes the neck and Kofi does a stretcher job….before getting up on the stage and limping off. So, again, how many people can’t get to TV or can’t get off the upper midcard treadmill as they bring in ZIGGLER for a likely World Title match?

Roman Reigns arrives (with forty five minutes left in the show he’s main eventing) but Elias is on top of one of the production trucks to serenade him with a song about how jealous Reigns is.

Becky Lynch/Bayley vs. Lacey Evans/Charlotte

Before the match, Bayley and Becky threaten to come after the others’ titles. Joined in progress with Charlotte chopping Bayley in the corner and shouting about the title. Bayley gets dragged into the other corner so Lacey can grab a chinlock. Charlotte pulls Becky off the apron to avoid a cheap shot in true heel fashion.

Bayley gets up again and knocks Charlotte to the floor which is enough to bring Becky in for the house cleaning. The Bexploder has Charlotte in trouble but she Downward Spirals Becky into the corner. A rollup with a grab of the ropes and the trunks gives Charlotte two but Lacey decks Becky with the Woman’s Right. Bayley chases Lacey off and small packages Charlotte for the pin at 5:19.

Rating: D+. Now clearly this is a great way to set Charlotte up as the next challenger because that’s the right way to go. We haven’t seen Charlotte holding the title for all of two days so it’s time for something new for her. Bayley vs. Becky is intriguing, though I could go for keeping the titles apart for the time being.

Carmella and Truth keep running with Jinder Mahal catching up for a near fall. The B Team catches Truth next but get in a fight over who can pin him, allowing Truth to run off.

Dolph takes the microphone into the arena and says he gets why fans are booing him. This goes way back to when Ali got hurt and Kofi took his place. That should have been Ziggler getting to run the gauntlet and then winning the title from Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. Every day since Wrestlemania he’s thought that it should be him and at Super ShowDown, it will be him. Yeah I still don’t care about Dolph Ziggler saying the same things he’s said for years.

Video on the history of Randy Orton vs. HHH to set up their match at Super ShowDown.

Roman Reigns vs. Elias

Shane is in Elias’ corner and handles his introduction. Reigns starts fast with the apron dropkick to rock Elias. Hang on though as he has to glare at Shane, allowing Elias to kick the rope for a low blow. A DDT gives Elias two and he sends Reigns shoulder first into the post. Back from a break with Reigns hitting the corner clotheslines but Shane breaks up the Superman Punch, allowing Elias to hit the jumping knee in the corner. An electric chair is broken up and Reigns hits a good right hand.

Another keeps Elias in trouble but he elbows out of a super Samoan drop. Now the electric chair into a powerbomb gives Elias two and it’s time for the slugout. The Superman Punch gets two with Shane putting Elias’ foot on the ropes. That earns Shane an apron dropkick but Elias sends Reigns into the post and then the steps. Back in and Elias drops a top rope elbow for two so Shane tells him to take off a buckle pad. The distraction lets Shane put the guitar in the corner but Reigns spears Elias for the pin at 9:30.

Rating: C. This feels like an old NWA style angle where if Reigns wins he gets five minutes with the annoying manager, but the manager happens to be the final boss and the biggest threat to actually beat him. Shane was portrayed as the evil mastermind here but he’s the kind of evil mastermind who can win a big match as well. That’s quite the heel power for someone who can’t get through a five minute match without needing oxygen.

Post match Shane grabs the guitar but Reigns takes it away. Cue Drew McIntyre to Claymore Reigns to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This was the streamlined version of the show and that makes it much better. It still has some big problems (Ziggler is back, Shane is the king of WWE, the long opening segment) but the comedy was in short enough spurts that it wasn’t as big of a problem and Truth did make it funny. I’d still like to actually see some of the people they already have on the roster getting a bigger push, but that’s the kind of thing that has just gone by the wayside for the sake of Shane. Good show here, though it feels like a mistake more than a successful game plan.


Ali b. Andrade – Small package

Carmella vs. Mandy Rose went to a no contest when several wrestlers interfered

Kofi Kingston b. Sami Zayn – Trouble in Paradise

Becky Lynch/Bayley b. Charlotte/Lacey Evans – Small package to Charlotte

Roman Reigns b. Elias – Spear

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