Lars Sullivan’s “Sensitivity Training”

So, in the aftermath of Lars' supposed discipline, he gets to squash a bunch of luchadores at MITB.  What will be the next phase in this brutal sensitivity training? Will he squash Kofi Kingston next?  Will they film a spot where he goes to Kanyon's grave and powerbombs Nakamura through it?  Will they have him go to Super ShowDown and call the fans in attendance terrorists? What say you, Scott?    

This Lars stuff blows my mind, because in a sane world it would be such an open and shut case that WWE wrestlers are employees and not independent contractors, just based on stupid shit like "disciplining" someone for internet posts written a decade before they were ever signed to the company.  He might be a bad person from his younger days, but unless he called someone a bad name backstage that we don't know about, the whole thing makes WWE look like a bunch of hypocrites.  But hey, some advertiser somewhere complained, so Vince has to suck it up and take it.  That's the world they exist in now, for better or worse.