Here’s another Magee question for you…

Hey Scott,

We've covered Magee a lot on the Blog of Doom lately, to the point there's probably not much else to say. HOWEVER, Magee's "run" had me thinking of another pet project that came to the WWF around the same time.

Outback Jack was brought in, with little ring experience, hyped to the moon to the TV audience before making his in-ring debut, and after a few appearances, was used strictly as enhancement talent before disappearing from the face of the wrestling world in 1988.

How come Magee didn't suffer the same fate? He comes in as a pet project with a high ceiling, but he's not mentioned on TV, at least not in America (he made at least 1 known TV appearance on Canadian TV, going over Terry Gibbs, available on TubesYou). Was Outback Jack considered enough of a complete project all because he's Australian and Crocodile Dundee was relevant? Was Magee's look and non-wrestling ability (gymnast turned weight-lifting phenom) enough to spare him the same cruel fate of being presented as a loser on TV like Jack was?

I guess that's several questions instead of just one. My bad.

I think because ultimately Vince wanted Magee to be a star and made sure he was protected for as long as humanly possible, until he couldn't protect him anymore and had to let him go.  Outback was just a character where they wanted to capitalize on the Australian fad as soon as possible.  Plus NO ONE was under the illusion that Outback was any good.