Hulkamania Running Wild in Westeroes

Hello Mr Keith,


I hope all is well with you at this time. I had a question I hope you
could answer for me after my wife and I got into an argument and she was hauled
off by police while I was watching obscure ladies wrestling. Anyway, how would
you feel from a purely narrative standpoint about the following question. What
if Hulk Hogan were to invoke his Westeroes Championship Wrestling Creative
Control and show up in Kings Landing driving a golf cart. What if Hogan were to
use said Golf Cart and run over Cersei Lannister and claim the Iron Throne for
himself? Would that be the single greatest moment in the history of television?
Also Hogan’s council would include Eric Bischoff, Jimmy Hart and Ser Brutus The
Barber Beefcake as The Hand of the King. Do you think Westeroes would run
smoothly and not go out of business with these people in charge?


I guess?