Backstage Sheriffs

Before the rise of social media or heck, during the early stages. If you heard about a guy being unhappy then it was through the dirtsheets. Nowadays they just go on Twitter. This stuff would not had went down if Benoit, Holly, APA ect. Were still in the locker room which leads me to my question. Is the locker room better off with guys like that? Mark Henry is on record saying the younger guys aren't treating it like they used to and feel like they can do whatever they want. I feel like John Cena may have been the last who enforced that judging by the Alex Riley/Rollins ice pack stories. Even RVD said in a recent interview that the younger guys were acting as if they didn't have to respect the veterans during his last run there.

The wrestling world will be fine without JBL and Undertaker policing the locker room, trust me.