Vince still petty about WCW?

Hey Scott,

WIth Silver King dying over the weekend, I noticed WWE offered their condolences but instead of being classy about it, they referred to him as WCW "star" instead of Superstar just like they referred to WCW guys back in the Invasion angle. As we all know, Vince was petty in his handling of that angle so, in his rationale, referring to them as stars back then was a slight compared to WWE's "Superstars".  I always thought that was stupid but that's how it was and rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of the business.  However, now, in terms of a real-life death, he still can't let go and belittle a guy who worked for an opposition that's been out of business for 20 years?  What is up with that?      
I'm not surprised at all that Vince could be that petty.  I mean, I suppose it's nice of them to offer condolences to someone who never technically worked for WWE, but I mean, they've got THREE HOURS to fill.  It would kill them to take 5 minutes to maybe put together a quick Silver King tribute and look classy?  Meanwhile they're fine plowing ahead with putting on 50 man battle royals for the Saudis but making sure not to mention where the show is coming from.  Vince gonna Vince.