Vince and MSG

Did they have a fallout? With WWE running only 2-3 house shows there a year now, and ROH having a ppv there it's obvious that Vince no longer had exclusively. 

Hell even AEW held a press conference there a few days ago. 

WWE hasn't had a ppv there since Survivor Series '11, and God knows how long it's been since Raw and SD were broadcasted from there. I get that for some reason it's more costly to run the Garden, but damn, that used to be home. 

What's the deal?

Also, on an unrelated note, Michael Cole: future Hall of Famer?

The deal is that it's incredibly expensive to run there compared to pretty much any other arena within a reasonable distance, so they don't.  And then MSG's management wanted to start dealing with other companies because WWE wasn't running there anymore, and Vince decided to be a jealous ex and try to block them because he's not about hurting the other guy.