Network Devices

Hey Scott,

I saw in the comments people saying they can only get the network in Canada on cable or through VPN … but that's not true (or hasn't been for years.) I had to use VPN the first six months and then they didn't care anymore. Use a fake American address on your network account and you can get the network in Canada any way you want.

I also have it on PS4, AppleTV and my Iphone and have had 0 issues since the day the network launched.

While it's true that you can easily sign up for the Network with a fake American address, it's not true that you can get it on any device in Canada.  Yes, you could get it on all those devices when it launched, but when the official cable company version launched in Canada, it was removed from every major device's app store.  In order to get it on Roku, Apple TV, PS4 or Xbox One, you now have to use an American account with a VPN.  So yes, if you had the app on PS4 when the Network launched, it'll still be there.  But if you ever delete it, you can't get it back without a VPN.  I speak from experience.