Classic feuds with reversed roles

Hogan's heel WCW run allowed us to see some reimagined classic feuds with the roles reversed (heel Hogan vs. face Savage, face Flair, and face Piper, as an example).  We've also seen other reversals like heel Austin vs. face Rock, heel Edge vs. face Christian, and heel Undertaker vs. face Kane.

I'm curious if there are any matches out there where we've seen the reversal of these feuds, which conceivably could have happened in the 1995-1996 time period:

Face Doink vs. Heel Crush
Face Bam Bam vs. Heel Tatanka
Face Shawn vs. Heel Jannetty

Well, Bam Bam v. Tatanka in tag team form main evented King of the Ring, so there's that one.  When was Jannetty a heel, though?  In fact I can't recall him ever playing heel.