Worst Segment To Promote A Match?

What was the worst segment to promote a feud you have seen?  There have been a lot the past 15-20 years, but I keep coming back to Shane McMahon having dinner and a polite conversation with Kane at a restaurant on the go home show for Survivor Series 2003.  They were going to have an ambulance match at the PPV to blow off their several month long blood feud, so this segment was just mind boggling to say the least.  

Literally the only thing about that entire feud I can remember is TESTICULAR ELECTROCUTION.  
Anyway I’m far more triggered in general by the buildup where two people are feuding over the title, but the heel GM forces them to  team up in advance of the PPV.  And then they can’t get along and Michael Cole has to go “Can WWE champion Baron Corbin and Virgil coexist leading up to WWE Fuck Money, live from the Olive Garden in Saudi Arabia?”  Of course they can’t fucking coexist!  They’re fighting for the goddamn World title!  Why would they even want to coexist?  Because Stephanie tells them to?  And then they wonder why ratings go down 25% every year.