This has to hurt some, right?

Email from the Network 

Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible viewing experience on WWE Network. Unfortunately, several device manufacturers have stopped updating the operating system of older products, which may impact your ability to stream high-quality video. As such, the WWE Network app will no longer be available on the devices listed below starting May 21, 2019

• Amazon Fire Tablets 
• Apple TV – 3rd Generation and earlier models  
• LG – 2016 and earlier models
• PlayStation 3
• Samsung – 2016 and earlier models  
• Samsung and Sony Blu-Ray Players
• Sony – non Android TVs 
• Windows 10 Desktop
• Xbox 360

GODDAMMIT.  I had finally gotten the Windows 10 app working and it was fantastic compared to watching in the web browser!

And where do they get off talking about manufacturers not updating their software?  They haven't changed the backend of the Network in FIVE YEARS!  They're literally still using the same GUI as when it launched!  

This is double bullshit because I can't even install the Network on any device here in Canada as it is and I have to use workarounds to get it onto the Xbox One and PS4.  NOT HAPPY.