Just curious how many emails you get on average every day or week? And what percentage of those do you think you answer and post to the blog? I sent one a few weeks ago that didn't get a response so I'm guessing it was either due to email overload or it was just a crappy question. Hard to tell which!

I get a lot.  10-12 per day usually.  Normally I try to answer 3 or 4 in the morning before work and best bet is to send questions the night before to get in that list.  Best questions are SHORT ones that I can answer on my iPhone, like a paragraph or less.  If you can Google the answer yourself, I’m probably going to pass it over.  Also if you can set me up for a punchline easily, it’ll probably get posted.  I never delete anything and sometimes I’ll go back a couple of days and answer something if there’s nothing interesting in the morning batch.  But in-depth multi paragraph emails where I have to come up with a list of answers and/or read the mind of Vince McMahon are instant death with me.