Better Worker? Warrior or Goldberg?

I was thinking about comparing Ultimate Warrior to Goldberg. Both have similar styles of matches I think. They both had short squash matches on tv and longer matches on PPV. Both were muscleheads with power styles. In your opinion who was the better worker? I think Warrior, despite all the criticism of him, had a lot of good matches versus Savage and Rude (also vs Hogan at WM6). I can only recall good Goldberg matches versus DDP and Jericho (and maybe Raven on Nitro). So in your opinion who was the better worker?

Warrior.  He had better training and he COULD work good long matches when he had to, but just chose not to most of the time.  Goldberg tended to get exposed fast over the 2:00 mark.  He got smarter and better in his later WWE runs but Warrior has legit classics to his name.  Also Goldberg never got to squash HHH.