WWF Superstars of Wrestling – September 4th, 1993

September 4, 1993

From the Westchester County Civic Center in White Plains, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jerry “The King” Lawler


We get clips from the leadup to the Luger vs. Yokozuna SummerSlam match with Japanese commentary and English subtitles at the bottom of the screen. We then hear from Jim Cornette, Yokozuna, and Mr. Fuji. Cornette says that Luger blew his one title chance and although might have won the battle at SummerSlam, lost the war because there is no return match thanks to the clause put into the contract. Cornette says the contract is legal and binding and there is nothing even President Jack Tunney can do about it and that is what makes America great. Cornette then wants to know what type of person Luger is and the kind of person that supports him before saying Luger’s opportunity was lost. For those who did not see the PPV we learned that Luger won the match but did not win the title and due to a contract stipulation will not get a rematch.


The Quebecers vs. Mike Khoury & Aaron Ferguson

Vince asks Savage about Luger/Yokozuna then cuts off Lawler from talking about himself. Savage says that Luger is the greatest uncrowned champion as Vince puts over Luger’s dominance and calls him a “National Treasure.” The Quebecers destroy Ferguson as Lawler laughs at Luger for not being the champion. Lawler then says the Quebecers can beat the Steiners before talking about the “accident” he had the day of SummerSlam. Savage then talks about Luger some more as the Quebecers pin both of their opponents together for the win (2:23). Lawler then says Luger is a loser and not a champion.

Thoughts: The focus was on the Luger/Yokozuna fallout but man did it sound pathetic when the “greatest uncrowned champion” line was thrown out. Its bad enough a count out win was celebrated like a Super Bowl Victory but now this? On another note, The Quebecers were also being put over as Tag Title contenders.


We now see a taped interview set outside with Vince and Luger. Vince asks Luger about SummerSlam and his thoughts on the show. Luger said it was an experience of a lifetime then sincerely thanks all of the fans he met during his call to action campaign. Luger says the match was a thrill and an honor because he got to represent his country but Vince reminds him that Yokozuna is still champion. Luger says that Yokozuna still lost the match and he did not lose anything and still has faith and belief in himself, his country, and god then hopes the fans did not lose faith in him as somehow, some way he will be the WWF Champion. Vince closes by telling Luger he is a good man and shakes his hand. The message here was incredibly dated and Luger was anything but convincing with the material, which was shit to begin with.


Back to the announcers as they talk about Luger then Lawler goes on about his match and calls Doink an idiot for failing to get the job done.


Mike Moraldo vs. Doink the Clown

Vince calls out Lawler for lying about this accident as Lawler denies that is the case and goes back to insulting Doink. Moraldo accepts a handshake but soon after that gets slapped across the face. Doink then hits a belly-to-belly suplex as Lawler once again says some old lady caused a ten car accident and that he defied doctors orders to appear at the show. Doink now works the arm as Lawler cries about being attacked by Bret as Vince says Bret was justified. Doink grounds Moraldo then soon after that hits a flying sit-down splash for the win as the announcers plug the SummerSlam encore PPV airing this coming Monday night (2:37). Lawler then shits on Doink before saying he will not be held responsible for what he does to Bret.

Thoughts: Besides Lawler talking about his supposed car accident he also kept trashing Doink for losing to Bret at SummerSlam. And it seems like its being done as a face turn for Doink, which we will get into later.


Okerlund is still on this week’s “Face-to-Face” segment, which is his last I believe. Per Dave Meltzer from the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Okerlund was unhappy with what the WWF offered him for a new contract and the possibility of having to move to Connecticut as at the time the company wanted their employees to be in the area. It was also reported that WCW offered Okerlund $250,000 per year plus 35% of the 1-900 number.


We get the “Unbelievable” music video that showed clips from the 8/13 house show at Madison Square Garden. It lasted for about a minute.


Men on a Mission w/ Oscar vs. ???

No idea about the identity of the enhancement talent. thehistoryofwwe.com lists them as Ross Greenberg & Mark Thomas but the Northeast Jacked Up Jobber Connection is easy to identify and these guys did not look like proponents of ICOPRO. MoM work over one of the guys as the announcers plug “WrestleMania: The Album then Mabel hits a spinning heel kick on the other guy for the win (2:28). After the match, Oscar raps and engages the crowd.

Thoughts: MoM appears to have settled into the Bushwhackers role of the lower card team used to hype up the crowd. It was a fine role for them.


We get an animated Randy Savage with a high-pitched voice as the “WWF Unbelievable” graphic is on the scream. I guess they are trying to get that phrase over.


Bastion Booger vs. Ralph Mosca

Vince tells us that Booger ingests two quarts of Memphis pond scum each meal as Booger swiped a WWF Ice Cream Bar from a fan on his way to the ring. Vince getting in a dig at Lawler over the Memphis mention. Booger knocks down Mosca then sticks the ice cream bar in his face. Booger puts the bar in the corner and goes back to hammering away on Mosca. Booger tosses Mosca outside as Vince tells us that next week Booger will face the 1-2-3 Kid. Booger then brings Mosca back inside as Vince says Mosca is related to Angelo Mosca (I don’t believe that was the case) before Booger uses a sit-down splash for the win as Vince points out Booger’s disgusting physique (2:29).

Thoughts: Vince sure did love talking about Booger being gross. And we learn of a featured match next week with Booger vs. Kid.


An address for WWF Fundraisers appears on the screen.


The “No Hope on Dope” poem is read again. We haven’t seen this since the Spring I believe.


Razor Ramon vs. Reno Riggins

Razor beats on Riggins as Vince plugs Radio WWF airing every Saturday night at 9pm, hosted by Jim Ross. Vince says the fans can say what they want and have their questions answered by WWF superstars. Razor toys with Riggins then uses a fallaway slam before the Razor’s Edge gets the win (2:09).

Thoughts: Easy win for Razor as Vince hyped up the new Radio WWF.


An ad hyping the SummerSlam PPV encore airing airs.


Ludvig Borga is now shown in some crappy neighborhood as he mocks Luger for being proud of this type of America. Borga then says Labor Day is the same as every day for an American because no one works and says all American WWF wrestlers will end up destroyed like this neighborhood. The material wasn’t bad or anything but Borga’s delivery sure was lousy and its not like he is catching fire as a heel.


The WWF Fan Club ad with Randy Savage airs.


Fred Williams & Brooklyn Brawler vs. Steiner Brothers

Scott tosses around Brawler as Vince says the Steiners are fighting champions and will defend the titles against The Quebecers when “Monday Night RAW” returns on September 13th. Williams tags in and Rick hits him with a clothesline then soon after the Steiners use a Doomsday DDT for the win that looked like it nearly killed Williams (2:33). Vince yells about the WWF getting more unbelievable.

Thoughts: Big news is learning that RAW returns on the 13th and with a Tag Team Title match too.


Next week, we will have Tatanka vs. Damien Demento. Also in action are Adam Bomb, IRS, Bastion Booger vs. 1-2-3 Kid, and Marty Jannetty & Virgil vs. The Headshrinkers.


Final Thoughts: Most of the focus this week was on the Luger/Yokozuna fallout. And my god was it bad. I have no idea why they decided to go this route with a chase but the whole narrative or Luger being a hero and the “greatest uncrowned” champion plus that dogshit interview really made Luger look even worse than he did at the PPV. At least next week we have a few featured matches to look forward to seeing but as far as the current main event scene, its a mess.