Worst timed promotion switches

Hey Scott

What in your opinion is the worst timed promotion switch by a wrestler? Be it loss of money, injury, loss of championship titles, affect on business, etc? Jarrett to WCW in ‘99 stands out for me as he helped tank business on top, burned bridges with Vince for a LONG time and could have had a few more steady midcard years with WWE.

Yeah I’d actually say JJ twice.  The jump to WWF in 97 came just when WCW was pushing him hard with the Horsemen feud and the company was really taking off, and then the jump back just as WCW was falling apart at the seams.
Compare and contrast with Sean Waltman, who had two of the best timed jumps ever, once just before the nWo launched and needed members, and then once just before the company fell apart and D-X was taking off and needed members.