Where is the entertainment?

This "reality era" fucking blows. Much worse once it became Women's Wrestling Entertainment. The absolute fucking worst Wrestlemania I have ever seen. I was so fucking bored. Everyone's answer is "why can't it be nxt?" "If only HHH was in charge " with the boring nxt matches? No thanks. There is no drama. No psychology. My best friend played on his laptop during Kofi vs Bryan until the first finisher kickout. Why because a match can't end without one. The style is fucking terrible. The reason Wrestlemania is so long is half hour matches for everyone. No thanks, half your roster can't do them. Baron Corbin, Roman Reigns, Drew "Watching Paint Dry and Slightly more Charisma than Reigns" McIntyre, The Architect, Kingslayer, Beastmaster Gymnast display Rollins does every single match selling be damned, and the Boogeyman wannabe Balor. That's the men.

I have argued enough with people about the women. Nobody got into wrestling to see people play fight Cerrone vs McGregor or Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Lidell . If you want that realism watch fucking UFC. We got into it for guys play fighting Batman vs Superman, or Zeus vs Poseidon . Like Warrior vs Hogan, Austin vs Rock.

It's entertainment and quite frankly it is no longer entertaining. No one would go see Avengers if they had realistic names. I don't care about Bruce Banner chilling with Tony Stark but if the Hulk and Iron Man are kicking ass I am there.

You’re quite the ray of sunshine. 
Same guy who wrote the Roman email I just posted, by the way.