Silly thought I know but………

Maybe WWE can solve their ratings problems, by I don't know less stupid shit like the Ucey Hot thing that only Vince McMahon found funny, wrestlers vs Evil McMahons (because it's worked the 10,000 other times since Austin vs McMahon) or idiotic scripted
promos that sound so corny and forced like the Lacey Evans backstage skit and putting on a good wrestling show that people want to see with good wrestling, solid storylines and characters that people can relate to then maybe just maybe people will watch and
interest can rise in WWE.  Crazy talk and all  and we can't have a show without a McMahon reminding us they're the stars of the show but Gosh darn it, they tried everything else so why not this? 

That's a long term solution, though, and apparently Vince is under a LOT of pressure from USA to get the ratings back on track immediately.  So more McMahons it is!