NXT UK – May 8, 2019

Date: May 8, 2019
Location: Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

We’re back in the UK and that means things can get a bit more back to normal around here. In this case we have a Tag Team Title match with the Grizzled Young Veterans defending against Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams, which seems like a filler feud until we get to something more important. Let’s get to it.

Sid Scala welcomes us to the show and announces an upcoming fatal four way for the #1 contendership. Tonight, we get the first of four qualifying matches with the eventual winner going on to face the winner of Walter vs. Pete Dunne.

Opening sequence.

Moustache Mountain vs. The Hunt

They seem to have dropped Wild Boar and Primate’s regular names, thank goodness. Bate takes Boar down to start and gets two off a crossbody. Seven comes in to chop Primate in the corner, which just gets him growled at for his efforts. Primate yells at him again so it’s a chop to the leg into a DDT to take Primate to the floor. The suicide dive drops him again but a Boar distraction lets Primate take over back inside. Seven fights up on Boar but it’s way too early for the Seven Star Lariat.

The Hunt hits a double slam and Primate drops Boar onto Seven for two. A missed charge sends Primate into the corner and the OH TRENT SEVEN ARMY chants fuel the hot tag off to Bate. An overhead belly to belly into a running shooting star gets two on Boar. Seven’s sitout slam gets the same on Primate but Boar throws Primate at Seven for two of his own. Everything breaks down and it’s a double Bop and Bang, setting up the clothesline/dragon suplex combination to pin Primate at 7;22.

Rating: C+. The Hunt looked better than usual here and that’s a good sign for their future. Just dropping their real names makes them seem that much more animalesque and the wrestling backed it up. Having them wrestle like wild men is a unique way to go for them and the match was entertaining with Moustache Mountain being built up for a future title shot.

Amir Jordan has been attacked and seems to be favoring his arm as he goes to the trainer’s room.

Fatal Four Way Qualifying Match: Joe Coffey vs. Flash Morgan Webster

Coffey is the hometown boy. Flash gets thrown down with raw power to start and the fans are very pleased with Coffey. Another hard charge takes Webster down for the biggest reaction you’ll ever see to a shoulder block. Webster gets in a shot of his own to knock Coffey outside and a dropkick knocks him off the apron. Back in and a flipping splash gives Webster two, followed by a hard whip into the corner as it’s almost all Coffey so far. The swinging butterfly suplex gets two and it’s off to the nerve hold.

Webster fights out of a full nelson for a crossbody and some right hands. They fall out to the floor with Webster getting back in and hitting a running flip dive. Back in and a jumping knee to the face gives Webster two, with the fans being rather pleased on the kickout. The Swanton hits knees though and it’s All The Best For The Bells to finish Webster at 6:06.

Rating: C. Interesting crowd reaction aside, this was a fun match with both guys trying hard and Webster not being sure what to make of the fans booing him. You had to see that coming though and Coffey winning was the obvious ending, especially if they didn’t want the fans to storm the ring or something. Not bad at all and Coffey looked fired up.

Post match Gallus says this is their kingdom to try and cool the fans off but it doesn’t work in the slightest. Wolfgang wants Dave Mastiff next week but Joe tells him to focus on the four way.

We look at Pete Dunne training for his rematch with Walter in two weeks.

Ilja Dragonov is coming.

Nina Samuels vs. Kasey Owens

The fans are behind Kasey, who looks to be a little goofy. Nina stomps her down in the corner to start and a dropkick to the back makes it even worse. The chinlock goes on until Kasey fights back up for a running dropkick of her own. A shot to the back takes Kasey down again though and Nina cartwheels off the top to avoid a charge. The fireman’s carry backbreaker finishes Kasey at 2:52. Notice how they’re building Nina up. Instead of beating the champ and going for the shortcut version, she’s winning a bunch of matches in a row before she gets the bigger match. It’s worked for years and it still works now.

Post match Nina talks about how she respects Toni Storm but she’s coming for the title.

Dave Mastiff promises to beat up Wolfgang next week and smash Gallus’ kingdom. He leaves but here’s Kay Lee Ray to take his place. Kay applauds Nina for her gumption, but Kay is getting the next title shot.

Preview of the remaining qualifying matches.

Tag Team Titles: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Amir Jordan/Kenny Williams

Jordan and Williams are challenging. Before the match, Gibson says the title match isn’t happening because Jordan is injured. The fans need to put their shoes back on and head home because the fairy tale ending isn’t happening tonight. Williams comes out to accuse the champs of attacking Jordan so he has a replacement partner.

Tag Team Titles: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Kenny Williams/Noam Dar

Williams and Dar are challenging. The fight is on in a hurry with all four heading outside. Back in and Dar knocks Gibson into the corner with a northern lights suplex getting two. Drake comes back in for a running dropkick to Dar’s head and it’s a forearm to put him on the floor again. We settle down to Dar getting beaten down with Drake driving a knee into the ribs to keep him in trouble.

A diving save cuts off a hot tag attempt and for once it doesn’t go through a few seconds later. Dar gets in a clothesline and dives over but Gibson pulls Williams to the floor at the last second. The third attempt works a bit better and now it’s Williams coming in to clean house in a hurry. A bulldog sends Drake head first into the corner and a tornado DDT makes it even worse.

The champs head to the floor for a springboard trust fall from Williams, followed by a top rope back elbow for two on Drake. It’s back to Dar for a kick to Gibson’s knee into the ankle lock but Gibson is too close to Drake for the tag. That’s fine with Dar, who ankle locks Drake with a grapevine. Williams does the same to Gibson at the same time but Gibson kicks and punches his way to freedom.

Everyone is down until Drake gets a half crab on Dar’s recently repaired knee. Williams grabs the hand to block the tap and then kicks Drake in the face for the save. A running clothesline has Gibson in trouble but he’s right back with a middle rope Codebreaker to Dar. Williams’ wheelbarrow faceplant gets two on Gibson but Drake breaks up the Nova Roller. That leaves Williams alone against the champs, with Drake hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Helter Skelter into the 450 retains the titles at 13:30.

Rating: B. I wasn’t expecting much from the match in the first place but they made a very smart change by swapping Dar in for Jordan. This was a serious match and there was no room for Jordan’s dancing in the middle. Dar isn’t my favorite guy in the world but he was working well here and the match was rather good as a result.

Overall Rating: B+. These shows have gotten better recently and this was no exception, mainly because of another NXT principle. The main event wasn’t the biggest deal in the world but the announcers treated it like something that mattered more than anything else going on. They didn’t spend the match talking about the four way or the UK Title match and it made all the difference in the world. Rather good show here and the Glasgow crowd helped carry things very far.


Moustache Mountain b. The Hunt – Dragon suplex/clothesline combination to Primate

Joe Coffey b. Flash Morgan Webster – All The Best For The Bells

Nina Samuels b. Kasey Owens – Fireman’s carry backbreaker

Grizzled Young Veterans b. Noam Dar/Kenny Williams – 450 to Williams

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