A plea

This is your last chance. I mean I am sure it has already passed but, last week I said we are getting free agent Roman Reigns off the low ratings because Vince mistook sympathy for love. If you want Roman Reigns as THE TOP GUY watch Raw tomorrow night…..OR it's May. The weather is probably nice where you live. Skip RAW. If everyone skipped it tomorrow night. Vince would realize that Roman is not the answer. He isn't good at his job. You can be sympathetic all you want but if Shawn Stasiak was sick in 1999 that doesn't mean he needed to come back as the top guy. The talent levels are comparable. Meat was probably more over because Terri Runnels was basically showing us her boobs but skip RAW and Smackdown. You can still come and bitch and talk about old wrestling or AEW or SNES or all the random stuff we talk about in the live thread we just need a dramatic shift like when Vince gave the intelligence insulted speech. No one will cancel the network due to the old stuff but please take a week off. I know I am.

Are we still doing this narrative about “Roman is a bad wrestler”?   Because bullshit he is.