NWO 2000

When Russo took over WCW right before Halloween Havoc 1999, all of a sudden the Outsiders were on TV, Jeff Jarrett got a push, and they started the WCW Title tournament that Bret Hart won at Mayhem, and then they did the Montreal Screwjob finish at Starrcade
99 with Bret and Goldberg.

Was this Russo's idea from the day he took over creative at WCW?  How much of the Outsiders push was them influencing Russo or vice versa?

Also why did Bret who was so spoken out about Montreal go along with that finish at Starrcade?

If Bret hadn't gotten injured, would Bret as the leader of NWO 2000 have made a difference and kept WCW going for years to come?

I can confidently say "Yes" to every question posed here.  Especially ones about Vince Russo and all his very well thought out plans.