When Vince panics and puts the belt back on Brock what do you think the odds are of WWE going all in Dijak? 

Every time I see Dijak( not using his horrible NXT name) I see a guy that could be the future of the WWE. He is big, has a good look, and is amazing in the ring.

Have him be an NXT entrant in the Rumble but then surprisingly have him win and go to Mania to face Brock. I’d even go as far to turn Heyman and put him with Dijak. The Raw after Mania Paul comes out and says “ sorry Brock but my new client  is Dijak so feast your eyes on the next big thing Dijak! “

I think this could work and then Dijak can job to HHH at the next show.

I like the punchline.  Quality work.  
I really like Dijak and don't even know why they're wasting time having him in developmental.  The stockpiling to prevent AEW from getting people is getting ludicrous, especially when you watch shows like World Collide and see the ridiculous amounts of people they have under contract who they're literally never going to do anything with.