What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – June 3, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.  These tapings took place on May 3.

Opening Contest:  Stars & Stripes (19-7) defeat Manny Fernandez & Buddy Vale when Marcus Bagwell pins Fernandez after a suplex-flying body press combination at 3:50:

Marcus Bagwell’s singles match with Craig Pittman at The Great American Bash is taking place because the Patriot left WCW for All Japan Pro Wrestling.  As a result, Schiavone and Heenan spend the match hyping Bagwell and ignore the Patriot.  Schiavone calls him the “spark plug” of the team and Heenan hypes his clothesline on a replay.  Still, the Patriot gets the high impact moves in this squash that excite the crowd.

Steve Austin (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (11-2) beats Leroy Howard after an inverted suplex at 3:04:

Schiavone floats the idea of Austin going back to tag teams, saying that Austin had his best success in the tag ranks.  Heenan just cuts through the bullshit and tells fans that Austin is struggling with company politics.  Based on commentary alone one would figure that Austin would get a storyline soon but that was not to be the case.  In terms of the match, Austin does very little before using an inverted suplex to prevail.

During The Great American Control Center segment, Randy Savage warns Ric Flair that he has entered the danger zone.

Johnny B. Badd (18-4-1) beats Mike Thor after the Badd Day at 2:15:

Badd has not appeared on television since May 20 and he shows some ring rust as he takes too long to setup Dreamland and Thor moves away from it.  The crowd pops for a sitout powerbomb, but Badd shies away from using that as a finish, a bad call in 1995 when moves like that were not common.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (19-3) pins Butch Long after a three-point stance clothesline at 1:43:

Duggan does his usual shtick of exciting the Disney crowd as he makes mincemeat out of Long.  That makes Duggan worth keeping around, even if most of his feature matches are sub-par.

Frank Andersson (2-0) defeats Sonny Trout after a belly-to-belly suplex at 2:34:

Andersson’s limitations get exposed quickly after he follows a seasoned professional like Duggan.  He has to do his finish twice when he does a weird headlock pinning combination and pulls Trout’s shoulders off the canvas after the first attempt.  WCW really should have edited that before it aired but Andersson never made it out of the Disney universe.

Sting (14-1) beats Tex Slazenger via submission to the Scorpion Deathlock at 6:36:

Slazenger teamed with Shanghai Pierce as a Western-themed tag team in WCW from 1992-1994 before leaving.  Pierce was signed by the WWF, becoming Arkansas hog farmer Henry Godwinn while Slazenger was relegated to the USWA.  This was just a token appearance for him, jobbing in a punch and kickfest to the Stinger to make the kids happy and build to Sting’s United States Championship Tournament match against Meng.  However, someone in the WWF must have been watching with interest because the following year Slazenger was in the WWF, reuniting with Pierce in the tag ranks as the Godwinns (who would later be rechristened as Southern Justice in 1998).  Rating:  ½*

Tune in next week to see Brian Pillman collide with Bunkhouse Buck!  Also, Meng, Harlem Heat, and Kamala will be in action!

The Last Word:  Even by Worldwide standards this was a poor episode.  The only highlight was Johnny B. Badd busting out a sitout powerbomb.  Next week’s lineup also looks poor, but I suppose Bunkhouse Buck just had to try to get some revenge on Brian Pillman after his embarrassing loss to him in the U.S. title tournament.

Up Next:  WCW Saturday Night for June 3!