Belair, Race, and Heeldom

Sup Scott,

So is part of the reason that Bianca Belair is falling flat is that the crowd doesn't know how to react to her?  Clearly she she is supposed to be a heel but she isn't doing anything particularly dastardly.  She is just very, very, very, very ethnic.  And in the era of equality we collectively can't feel comfortable expressing dislike of the character?  

Are there other examples of this through time?  Kamala and Eddy G were ethnic heels but they were either silly caricatures or outright embraced lying, cheating and stealing.
I don't dislike the character and I'm not uncomfortable with it, I just think she's being overpushed based on what she's shown in the ring thus far and the dynamic with Baszler isn't great.  I actually agree with others that she'd be far better off on the main roster and would fit in better there.