NXT UK – May 1, 2019

Date: May 1, 2019
Location: Pier 12, New York City, New York
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

We’re still in New York and that means it’s hard to say what we’re getting this week. There is however one very big match set up with United Kingdom Champion Walter facing Jordan Devlin in a non-title match. I’ve seen them have a heck of a match elsewhere so I have some high hopes for this one. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Travis Banks vs. Mansoor

Busy day for Mansoor as he was on the regular NXT as well. Banks takes him to the mat and Mansoor demands that the referee get him off as soon as the rope is reached. Mansoor flips out of a wristlock so Banks is right back with a running knee to the face. A trip to the top doesn’t go well for Banks as Mansoor shoves him off the top and possibly bangs up the previously injured shoulder.

Back in and we hit the arm trap chinlock to stay on the arm (showing some intelligence rather than going with the regular chinlock) but Banks is up in a hurry. The running dropkick hits Mansoor in the corner to put him on the floor, setting up a hard suicide dive. Slice of Heaven is broken up though and Mansoor hits a reverse spinning suplex for two. Banks has had it with him though and it’s the Slice of Heaven into the Kiwi Crusher for the pin at 5:57.

Rating: C+. Banks is someone who seems ready to break out at any given time and now he seems to be getting ready to move forward. This place needs some fresh blood on top and people like Banks and Devlin could fill those roles very well. Mansoor is someone else who is showing their potential and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him today.

Video on Xia Brookside, who is ready to keep fighting after Rhea Ripley beat her up. The bubbly personality continues.

Ilja Draganov is coming. Cool.

Nia Samuels is ready for her revival. I’m not sure if I am.

Piper Niven vs. Reina Gonzalez

They fight over the power game to start with Reina actually driving the bigger Piper into the corner. Piper’s waistlock is broken up by a ram into the corner and Reina kicks her in the back. The chinlock is broken up so Reina goes with more kicks to take her back down. Niven gets smart by sending her outside for a breather and now it’s time for the slugout. Piper gets the better of this one with an ax handle to the chest, setting up a running crossbody. The backsplash gets two and it’s the Michinoku Driver to finish Reina at 5:00.

Rating: C. This was fun with the two of them hitting each other really hard until Niven had to take it up a notch to beat her. Reina looked good again, just like she did in the tournament. The Texan thing works well for her and the gear gives her a unique look that makes her feel like someone different. Fun hoss fight here, which is exactly what they were shooting for.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan want a Tag Team Title shot. They don’t get how the Grizzled Young Veterans can’t lead a locker room they know nothing about. That title shot needs to come in Glasgow.

Gallus can’t wait to come home next week.

Next week in Glasgow: Jordan/Williams get their title shot.

Jordan Devlin vs. Walter

Non-title. Walter throws him down with ease to start and Jordan isn’t sure what to do here. Back in and a few shots have no effect and Walter sends Devlin outside again. Back in again and Devlin blocks the sleeper so Walter kicks him in the face. It’s time to start in on the arm with a hammerlock and then a Crossface as it’s all Walter so far.

A suplex sends Devlin outside for the third time but this time he’s able to get a few shots to the knee. Devlin dragon screw legwhips him around the rope and puts on the half crab. Walter powers out and avoids a dropkick to the knee, setting up a seated senton but the knee gets banged up again. The knee is fine enough for a backdrop and a release German suplex gives Walter two.

The powerbomb is countered into a rollup to give Devlin his own two and they’re both down. Devlin strikes away but gets pulled into a hard Saito suplex for two (the referee telling him to kickout probably helped). Walter goes up top so Devlin tries to pull him down into the Saito, which only kind of connects. That’s enough for Walter, who hits the powerbomb for the pin at 12:37.

Rating: B. This worked very well in a Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles formula, with Walter dominating until Devlin got in a few shots to slow the monster down and even things up. Devlin has become one of the better names on the roster and I could see him getting a major push down the line, especially if they ever do a taping in Ireland, which is almost a guarantee.

Post match here’s Pete Dunne to demand his rematch. Walter nods to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. These shows are getting more and more interesting as the top starts make for good shows, but so do the lower level names. That’s what works for NXT and it’s working here too because it’s how wrestling should be done. This show felt important, but so did what they did last week. Next week will be the same, and it makes the show something I want to watch. It’s another good show


Travis Banks b. Mansoor – Kiwi Crusher

Piper Niven b. Reina Gonzalez – Michinoku Driver

Walter b. Jordan Devlin – Powerbomb

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