Indies and Insanity: May 2, 2019

Baseball trivia: Noah Syndergaard of the Mets did something that hasn’t been done since 1983.  (Namely, he won 1-0 while hitting a home run for the only run of the game.)

The NHL playoffs have a twin bill as the Bruins (1) face the Blue Jackets (2), then the Sharks (2) face the Avalanche (1) in Game 4s, which I am required by sports law to refer to as “crucial”.  Basketball fans will get to see the NBA playoffs Game 3 as the Raptors (1) face the Sixers (1).

But enough about real sports, let’s talk our sport: independent wrestling.  Jump with me, Superstar!

A little light this week compared to others, but we got a heck of a headliner.  Let’s get to it!

  • CMLL’s Super Viernes is this Friday as always.  Los Ingobernables continue their feud with Volador Jr by facing him in a trios match (Volador paired with Caristico and El Valiente — side note, is it just me or have these six men met a few times recently?).  Meanwhile, your Lightning Match of the Week is Mephisto facing Soberano Jr.
  • Tomorrow night in Red Bank, TN, is the second annual Making Towns Classic as run by the greatest superfan Southern wrestling has, Mike “Papa” Hales.  Nine women (one of the quarterfinal matches was made a three-way after injury dropouts) will face off for the championship, including Savanna Stone, Shazza McKenzie, new NWA Women’s champion Allysin Kay, and Allie Kat.  Meanwhile, in non-tournament action, Seishin faces Aja Perera!
  • Your PROMOTION OF THE WEEK is Progress, because it’s SUPER STRONG STYLE 16 TIME!  Saturday features round 1, Sunday features round 2 and a title-for-title match between WALTER and Trent Seven, and Monday (!!) features the Final Four plus Jimmy Havoc’s farewell match!  PROGRESS has released the bracket, so we know everyone’s path is as follows:
    • Chris Brookes
    • Ilja Dragunov
    • Trevor Lee
    • Aerostar
    • Travis Banks
    • DJ Z
    • Artemis Spencer
    • David Starr
    • Kyle O’Reilly
    • Chris Ridgeway
    • Darby Allin
    • Paul Robinson
    • Lucky Kid
    • Jordan Devlin
    • Kyle Fletcher
    • Daga
  • Beyond Wrestling comes to you on Sunday afternoon from Rhode Island with a LETHAL LOTTERY!  Sixteen participants will be drawn into teams, with the four teams that win splitting up into an 8 man… wom… per… entrant battle royal.  (My noun confusion comes from this not just being intergender, but inter…species?  I mean, Shockwave the Robot is in the event.  You tell me.)  In addition, Retro Anthony Greene steps up to the plate to take on ECW’s own Stevie Richards!
  • Sunday evening, Rev Pro is LIVE at the Cockpit!  Sha Samuels will face Dan Magee in a no-DQ match, while Josh Bodom gets the challenge of his career against MLW star Brian Pillman Jr!

Your independent match of the week comes to you from Black Label Pro in Indiana, as two of the fastest rising female talents out there square off with Kylie Rae facing Allie Kat.  Enjoy!

Bring the insanity!