Roman Regressing

Hey Scott,

I know you don't watch WWE's weekly programming, but is it just me or has Roman looked completely horrible since his return? 

I don't know if he rushed back to quickly from chemotherapy or his will has been broken by his clueless booking or Dean leaving or bad opponents or the allure of Hollywood but the things the guy used to do well have faded and he's just as bad at the things he used to be bad at.

I don't know what you can do with the guy but whatever they're doing right now isn't working.

Wrestlemania definitely wasn't a good showing for him. Speaking of the allure of Hollywood, holy shit Hobbs & Shaw looks amazing, so maybe he'll become a star off that, too.  But I mean, again, as they constantly remind us, he just came back from cancer.  He could have been finished, period.  But you know what's NOT a way to get someone over as a top guy again?  Feuding with Elias.  That dog's not gonna hunt.