What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – June 3, 1995

Before we get into WCW Pro, there was a new match that aired on WCW Prime on May 29.

Prime “MOOOOO” Match of the Week:  Big Bubba Rogers (17-3) pins Kenny Kendall after a Big Bubba Slam at 3:07:

Gordon Solie and Dusty Rhodes provided commentary for this match, with Solie asking Dusty if his “MOOO” is a mating call.  These two faced each other on the April 15 edition of Worldwide, with Rogers taking longer to finish Kendall off than that encounter.  That is great symbolism for Rogers gradual push into the midcard ever since his victory over Sting at Uncensored.  The fact that WCW is selling squash matches as “exclusives” shows how little it values Prime as a telecast.

And now onto WCW Pro where Solie, Dusty, and Larry Zbyszko are doing commentary.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  The Nasty Boys (WCW Tag Team Champions) (26-1-1) defeat Bobby Starr & Steve Storm when Jerry Sags pins Storm after the Trip to Nastyville at 3:34:

The Nasties do not have the tag team titles as this show was taped before Slamboree.  The new champions methodically beat down the jobbers, spamming shoulder blocks and tackles, edging closer to their thirtieth win in 1995.

Zbyszko discusses wrestling as a “human game of chess” and how Ric Flair is outplaying Randy Savage.  They recap the events of that feud stemming from WCW Saturday Night.  Flair does a taped promo where he promises to end Savage for good tonight on TBS.

Gene Okerlund hosts The Great American Bash Control Centers segment.  A new match officially added to the card is the Nasty Boys defending their tag team titles against the Blue Bloods.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to hear about which of the Blue Bloods is in a “torrid relationship” with a member of the royal family.

Alex Wright (35-2-1) pins Tony Vincent after a reverse flying body press at 4:32:

These two wrestled a quick match on WCW Pro on February 4, with Wright winning easily.  Vincent gives him more of a run today, delivering a few slams for a near-fall but an elbow drop misses and Vincent falls victim to a reverse flying body press yet again.  Why WCW has Wright in these long squashes where jobbers get to kick out of several of his moves makes no sense.  It makes Wright look weak and shows fans that he is not on the level of more elite competitors despite having more wins than anyone else in the promotion.

Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (8-4) defeat Al Phillips & Mike Khoury when Slater pins Khoury after a double fist at 4:25:

Solie and Dusty are more interested discussing NASCAR and last week’s Coca-Cola 600 than hype Slater and Buck, forcing Zbyszko to steer the conversation back to the match.  Khoury takes a beating from Slater, including a sloppy side Russian leg sweep, and takes the fall without ever getting to tag Phillips into the match.  Slater and Buck have now won three straight matches, but none of those are against top competition.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (18-3) beats Big Bubba Rogers (18-3) via disqualification when Rogers attacks the referee at 9:58:

Duggan does a great job firing up the crowd, sporting Rogers hat when the heel takes a powder and then faking him out before a test of strength.  Sadly, Rogers offense slows things down, especially a long bearhug sequence in the middle that sucks the life out of the crowd.  Eventually, Rogers gets frustrated that Duggan will not die and starts using referee Nick Patrick as a weapon, ramming him into Duggan.  That is a unique, and humorous finish, but the match was poor.  Rating:  ¾*

After the bell, Rogers beats down Duggan as referee Randy Anderson is helpless to put a stop to it.  Duggan recovers, grabs the 2×4, and Rogers quickly retreats.

Rhodes and Zbyszko argue over who is going to win Ric Flair-Randy Savage main event on Saturday Night.

The Last Word:  Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Big Bubba Rogers had the potential of becoming a good brawl but neither man was into it as shown by Rogers stalling and use of rest holds during the feature match.  A possible rematch might let both men do better, though.  Aside from that, this was another throwaway edition of WCW Pro.

Up Next:  WCW Worldwide for June 3!