Backlash 99

Hi Scott,

Obsessive fan here, just wondering if you’re planning on re-doing Backlash 99 anytime soon?

The main reason I ask is to try and get a final rating on the HHH-X-Pac match. You have it at **** way back in the day, which you later attributed to hitting the drink pretty hard, and when you redid it for Kliq Rules you had it at *.

However, when you did a Scott Says for Backlash a few years back, you loved it, saying it definitely held up at ****:

So for the pedant in me, I really want to know where you fall on it once and for all. I personally think it’s great, but if you needed another reason to re-do the PPV, just know that science demands it!



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I’m happy to entertain your question because you included all those links, but Im gonna go with the rating from Kliq Rules as my final answer and decline the redo.