Reeves and Evans

So after watching Endgame (And mightily enjoying it) it led me to thinking 

Has Chris Evans done with Captain America what Christopher Reeves did with Superman, in that his performance is now the iconic version of the character that everyone else will aspire to match?

Also, of the two actors, who do think did a better job with their particular role?

Not to take anything from Evans, who is great in the role, but he was mostly the straight man who had all the crazy stuff bouncing off him for most of his run through the MCU.  

Reeves, meanwhile, had to carry the weight of four movies on his back and be the living embodiment of the world's most well known superhero, AND the first one with that kind of power set to be portrayed in a big movie.  They had to invent the special effects for flying so he could do it. Plus his portrayal was so iconic that you literally can't see him in any other role now.  Poor Brandon Routh got completely swallowed up by his shadow, too.