Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends in whatever part of the world you reside. After watching a couple of snippets of the NFL Draft, I’m wondering if the WWE shouldn’t hired ex-athletes to write promos. Pat McAfee and Reggie Wayne drew the sort of heel heat in Tennessee this past weekend that would make Andy Kaufman smile.

RAW is live tonight. Don’t know what’s happening, can’t say I care much either. I will say that between the two ladder matches, Rollins-AJ and Kofi-KO the card should not suck and I also expect Becky-Lacey to be a spirited affair as I think Lacey Evans can work a little or she’s at least she can be carried.

Two NBA playoff games tonight I might watch and one Stanley Cup playoff game tonight that I won’t be watching even though Ben Bishop is involved and that’s because it’s stupid!

If you like music, the Voice is on and there’s an Adam Lambert/Queen documentary thing on as well.

Keep it clean!