Gail Kim

Question for you Scott,

What are your thoughts on Gail Kim? I find her supremely over rated. She's always been decent at best in the ring & is only know for the Kong matches. Outside of Kong, she wasn't able to replicate anything. Also her bitterness & crybabyness toward WWE is eyeroll inducing. I get it, she hates that she didn't get anywhere there & hates how she gets no calls for the Women's Rumbles, Women's PPV ect. So she probably feels slighted with regarding her contributions to Women's Wrestling. Is her bitterness valid?

I don't think so.  She was pushed as a star in WWE from her debut and she didn't really get over to that level at all.  She could have stuck around but she chose to roll the dice with TNA instead and that seemingly worked out better for her, but you can't really have it both ways.