Tom Magee vs. Bret Hart

Hey Scott,

For the past month I've kept hearing about this match, but what is the all the hype about? Why was it never released and why is it considered a "long lost match" that people want to see? Just trying to get the backstory because I genuinely have no idea.


Really?  Wow.  OK, once upon a time in 1986, there was a bodybuilder named Tom Magee who got signed by the WWF to what would these days be a developmental deal, because Vince was looking for his next Hogan and Tom looked like a star.  So Vince asked Bret Hart to work with him at a TV taping and put him over strong, but Bret was notably annoyed about getting treated like a job guy coming off a big showing at Wrestlemania 2 and only agreed to do the match on the condition that the tapes were given to him only and never shown on TV.  Vince agreed to the deal and Bret went out and wrestled a one-man clinic with himself, with Magee reportedly bouncing off him occasionally and doing his flips, and the end result was a squash win for Magee so impressive that Vince immediately flipped his lid and declared Tom to be the next Hulk Hogan and future World champion.  And then Magee wrestled other matches, which were so bad that they were literally unusable on air, and everyone quickly realized that Bret Hart was 100% the only reason why Magee looked any good.  So Tom never made TV and continued working terrible matches around the house show circuits and never really got better until they finally cut bait on him 3 or 4 years later, and the lost match that everyone raved about sat in the WWF video archives for 30 years, with only Bret and possibly Dave Meltzer having a copy of it.  The match was so rare that when Colt Cabana was working for WWE, he requested a copy and was told that was the only match he couldn't have.  And then recently, a former assistant of Bret came across the tape in a box of stuff that Bret had given her for archiving years before, and she realized that it was the magical tape.  So now at this point, she has the only known copy in existence and WWE is madly trying to buy it from her and/or Bret so they can get it in their archives.  
So there ya go.