Strong Style Saturday Thread

OH MY GOD AVENGERS.  Now I can breathe again.

Vlad Guerrero Jr. finally debuted for the Blue Jays last night, although this is being written before that happened, so I can only assume he hit a conservative number of home runs, say 14.

This weekend is RETRO SUMMERSLAM WEEKEND, a recognized holiday in 14 states.  This morning has 97’s disappointing show, and tomorrow is Summerslam 92 with bonus stuff.  And then shit, I gotta do the Mid-South Hidden Gems show sometime this week, too.  It just never ends.  I was gonna check out The Crockett Cup on Fite.TV last night but I only have about $40 in PPV credits left and I want to save it for Double or Nothing.  Tommy will probably watch it because that’s how he rolls.

NHL and NBA playoffs continue today, but for the love of all that is holy please go see Avengers so everyone can discuss it freely without fear of spoilers.  Some stuff happened, man.  Some stuff and some things.