Which Programs Do You Move?

Hey Scott–

With the move of Smackdown to FOX about five months away, there has been a lot of chatter about the network wanting supplemental programming for FS1 (seeing as they have a lot of holes in their lineup, what with UFC shows making up 93% of FS1 programming. Maybe they can talk to the producers of The Simpsons and finally get Chief Wiggum: PI up and running?)

The obvious idea being bandied around is moving NXT from the WWE Network to FS1, but let's say you are the WWE guy in charge of talking to FOX, and they want FS1 programming. Which Network shows do you pitch as content for the channel? Or do you create new programming from scratch?

You could probably move NXT over there, and probably create the long-rumored women's show as well.  I think even a "This Week in WWE" magazine show would be a good idea, and I think they've even announced one already.