The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Worlds Collide: Girlfight 2K19!

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Worlds Collide: Girls Collide

Taped from Brooklyn, NY

Your hosts are Vic Joseph, Aiden English & Mia Yim.

Seriously, this is the third hour of content taped here, they’ve gotta be out of stuff now, right? This is also the shortest of the specials, at only 46 minutes.

Candice LaRae (NXT) v. Kay Lee Ray (NXT UK)

I don’t recall being super-impressed with Kay during the MYC, but she’s signed now so obviously they like her. Kay Lee works the arm to start and grabs a headlock, but Candice takes her down with her own. Ray tries a Gory bomb, but Candice reverses to a sunset flip for two and then a crucifix for two. Ray kicks her down again for two after a devastating BOOB CHOP, and a gourdbuster gets two. Candice spins into an Octopus attempt, but Ray makes the ropes and then clips the knee from the apron to take over again. Candice manages to send her into the post and follows with a TRIFECTA of dives, and back in with a double stomp for two. KLR with a superkick, but Candice hits her with an enzuigiri and makes the comeback. LaRae goes up, but gets cut off and then flips down for a german suplex for two. LaRae gets tripped up on a moonsault attempt and Ray superkicks her for two. LaRae fights back with a reverse rana and follows with a Lionsault for the pin at 8:25. I dunno, just kind of a dull sloppy match. Not terrible or anything but they weren’t really hitting anything with any urgency. **

Piper Niven (NXT UK) v. Zelina Vega (Smackdown RAW Smackdown)

Vega tries throwing forearms and kicks in the corner, then opts for a choke on the ropes. Facebuster gets two. This merely annoys Piper, but Vega gets a tornado DDT for two. I am not buying this offense whatsoever. Vega tries a guillotine but Piper runs her into the turnbuckles to break and follows with a senton and running splash. Vega is a pancake, so Niven goes up , but misses a pump splash and Vega gets a codebreaker and steals Andrade’s running knee for two. And then Piper shakes her off and squashes her with her finisher for the pin at 4:58. I didn’t buy any of this. Vega was completely unbelievable getting that much offense. *

Io Shirai (NXT) v. Sonya DeVille (Smackdown)

Sonya carrying the rainbow hanky around with her all the time now is getting to be a bit much. It’s 2019, everyone knows she’s gay, and it’s not a big deal. Sonya tries the power, but Io flips away from her and gets a dropkick. She goes up and Sonya yanks her down for two and goes to a bodyscissors. Io reverses to a rollup for two, but Sonya kicks her down for two and goes to another bodyscissors. Elbow gets two and a Shining Wizard gets two. And then Sonya goes to a chinlock. Can she seriously not just let Io call the damn match? Or I guess it’s their usual over-agenting. Finally Shirai ducks an enzuigiri and makes a comeback with a 619 and missile dropkick for two. Sonya throws kicks, but Shirai gets a rollup for two and goes up for the moonsault, which misses. Sonya spears her and pins her at 8:22 off that. Like, the results are meaningless here, but COME ON. Really boring match. *1/2

NXT UK title: Toni Storm (NXT UK) v. Bianca Belair (NXT) v. Nikki Cross (Smackdown?)

Nikki attacks them both to start but gets tossed as a result, and Storm hits Belair with kicks for two. Nikki comes back in and Belair yanks her out again, so Cross wraps her up in the apron skirt and then puts Storm in there as well and beats on them both. That’s one of those spots that sounds better on paper than it comes off. Back in, Cross with a crossbody for two on Storm. Belair slams Nikki onto Storm and gets two on Toni off that, and then poor Nikki gets tossed out again. Belair goes to work on Storm with a suplex for two, but Cross dives back in with a sleeper on Belair. Storm breaks that up and gives them both running butt splashes in the corners, but Belair spears both women and everyone is out. Bianca recovers with a KOD on Cross for two, but Storm saves. Belair slugs away on Storm, but misses a charge and hits the post. Cross with a small package on Storm for two, and an inverted DDT gets two. Nikki goes up and misses a bodypress, and Storm hits Storm Zero for the pin to retain at 7:26. They never got into any kind of groove and it was just a super basic match. **

Easily the weakest of the three specials produced, and I don’t know if these were shot at the end of the tapings or what, but the crowd was dead through this whole thing. This is an easy pass, so on the scale of Burn It / Avoid It / Skim It / Watch It / Binge It, it’s clearly AVOID IT.