Hey Scott, what are your thoughts on the new Bray Wyatt? I think the character has some legs if WWE does not get bored. I could see running Wyatt doing interviews with other wrestlers in the house. Really make it weird and incomfortable. 

Also, do you think KO is turning on Kofi? I really think, Big E coming back jealous and challenging Kofi might make more sense. Owens just turned face.

I don’t know what the long term prospects of Bray are with this character but I’m just glad they’re trying something DIFFERENT with him. We can only take so many spooky speeches and holograms.  
As for Kofi, I think they’re waiting for Daniel Bryan to return from the mystery injury to do much of anything with him. I have no idea what the deal with KO is, though.  It’s not a very well defined character at this point.