The Patriot

What happened to The Patriot in 1997 WWF?  He was one of their top babyfaces at the time, even getting a WWF Championship Match with Bret Hart that Fall.  Then he seemingly disappeared right after Hart left for WCW.  I always assumed that they simply phased him out seeing as the primary reason he was around was the whole U.S.A. vs Canada feud with the Hart Foundation, not to mention the fact that his character didn't exactly fit moving into the Attitude Era.  

Partly yes, but mostly because he was beat up all to hell from Japan and suffered a series of injuries that put him out of the sport after a couple of months.  Specifically I think it was a triceps tear that finished him off for good.  Even if his character had run its course, he still would have been fine as a midcard guy with a repackage, I think.