Do you have any further details on how Tenryu’s SWS promotion and the WWE came to have a working relationship during SWS’ short (1990-1992) lifespan?


There were big Tokyo dome events with seemingly the most random assortment of undercard matches as there were the obvious inter-promotional match ups with Davey Boy, Duggan, Sherri, Savage and Haku involved, then Tenryu & Hogan on top but
so much of the cards are made up of straight up WWE matches. For example; Sgt Slaughter v Ultimate Warrior, Hart Foundation v The Rockers, Mr Perfect v Texas Tornado, LOD v Natural Disasters, Texas Tornado v Ted Dibiase and even more.


I’m aware SWS drew healthy crowds trying to do its own form of sports entertainment and Tenryu’s name though it wasn’t a promotion that could sustain it for long so it must have been so expensive to get so much of the western talent flown
over. Would SWS have approached the WWE with the idea of working together? Just how much money was Vince offered that he couldn’t refuse, was it just an easy payday for his wrestlers? Did Vince have his own agenda, like trying to have a greater Japanese presence
to start running their himself more often on the back of the SWS exposure? So much intrigue.


Vince's main goal was to establish the WWF presence in Japan so that he could run his own promotion in opposition to the Big Two over there.  Didn't work out for him, although with hot main events like Ted Dibiase v. Ultimate Warrior in a 5 minute title match, I can't imagine why not.