Wrestling dream I had I like to share with the blog

I know it's not 4/20 but I had a weird wrestling dream Friday night that I want to share with the blog in honor of baking them this weekend:

I'm at a flea market, and I find a video "WCW and the Masters of Evil", which has a bunch of guys dressed up like the Masters of Evil (the original Jack Kirby version, with Black Knight, the first Baron Zemo, Executioner, Melter, Echantress) and in the background, members of the NWO (Hogan, Hall, and Nash) in the shadows about to attack the costumed villains.

I buy it and put it in my VCR and instead of something about the NWO fighting super villains led by a Nazi and his costumed goons and Asgardian allies, it's all about Brett Hart. Starting with him, older and surrounded by various WWF stooges, in a behind the scenes documentary about his rise to being the booker/head writer of the WWE.

After watching Brett, Steph, Jim Cornette, etc talking and planning out a John Cena/Randy Orton match, the video cuts to Brett talking about the fall of 1996 and how his career changed that year. He talks about how after his brief program with Steve Austin, he used his creative power from his big contract to push Austin down the card to the midcard and began his "masterpiece" plan that saved the WWF from the WCW juggernaut.

First he talks about getting rid of "that blasphemous Austin" and then making Vince job out Shawn Michaels to Undertaker and kick him out of the WWF. Undertaker then shows up on camera, and talks about the 5 star classic match he and Brett had at the 1997 Wrestlemania. How the match saw Brett "slay" Undertaker and reclaim the world title and how it kicked off "Undertaker the White"; as Undertaker came back a heel with an all-white version of his Undertaker costume and declared war on Brett and his family. They then show a version of 1997 Undertaker in an all white version of his costume (his facial hair/hair is still red, not dyed white to go with his white variant costume)

I then woke up though, so I don't know how this saved the WWE and how this feud with the Hart Foundation somehow did what Austin vs McMahnon did and beat WCW. But between the NWO/Masters of Evil cover and this bizarro "What If" version of WWE lore, I thought I would share it with you and the blog so everyone can psychoanalyzes this wrestling dream of mine

Well, 4/20 might be done, but we all got Bake’d.