Shield’s Final Chapter

Shield’s Final Chapter
Date: April 21, 2019
Location: Taxslayer Center, Moline, Illinois
Commentators: Renee Young, Corey Graves, Michael Cole

Welcome to your weekly “WWE must have fresh content” show as we get a special look in at a house show where the Shield is teaming together for THE LAST TIME EVER WE PROMISE AND WE’RE NOT CHANGING IT AGAIN FOR REAL THIS TIME. This would be at least the third farewell moment for the team, but this time it’s televised. Oh and we get an Intercontinental Title match for a bonus. Let’s get to it.

The announcers welcome us to the show and run down the card, which does indeed have a third match added.

Video on the history of the Shield, which really is quite the dominant run. They do include the split, which is one of those things that has to be included to really complete the story.

Here’s Elias to get things going. He’s happy for once because the Shield is leaving for good and he doens’t have to see them together ever again. The song (Elias: “Corey Graves, listen up.”) is about how much he hates Moline until Finn Balor cuts him off. We’re not ready for the match though because Balor wants to Walk With Elias. That’s fine with Elias, who starts a song about how awesome he is but Balor switches it to saying Elias sucks. The fight is on in a hurry.

Intercontinental Title: Finn Balor vs. Elias

Balor is defending and is in trouble at the opening bell as Elias jumps him again and stomps away. Elias starts working on the arm, meaning it’s off to the armbar early on. A pull of the arm cuts off Balor’s comeback and the arm goes hard into the buckle. Balor does the same thing to Elias and gets two off a rollup. A Fujiwara armbar has Balor in more trouble and for some reason his skin looks yellow.

The hold is broken up and the Sling Blade connects but Elias clotheslines him right back down. Balor goes up and gets caught, nearly getting knocked onto the announcers’ table right next to the apron. With Renee running for cover, Balor grabs a sunset flip for two, which seemed to be the planned finish but Elias’ shoulder was up (that’s kind of a big deal at the moment). La majistral finishes Elias at 6:46.

Rating: D+. It was watchable enough and nothing that we haven’t seen done better on Raw in recent months. That being said, this wasn’t the focal point of the show and there’s nothing wrong with throwing it onto the card to pad things out a bit. Both guys get good reactions from the crowd so starting the night off with a quick match worked well enough.

Post match Elias loads up another song but the Riott Squad cuts him off. They want to sing along and try their hand, but the song turns into one about loving them instead of him. The dejected look on Elias’ face is funny, even as he gets cut off again.

Bayley/Ember Moon vs. Riott Squad

This is announced as a six woman tag but it’s two on two with Liv Morgan on the floor. Bayley sends Logan into the corner to start and gets thrown down on her face as a result. Logan gets in her own toss into the corner and it’s off to Riott vs. Moon, which is treated as a big deal. That doesn’t last long before Logan comes in again and takes a Stroke of all things. Bayley adds a baseball slide but Morgan breaks up the top rope elbow. Logan’s running knees in the corner rock Bayley again and it’s off to the standing Cloverleaf.

With that broken up, a hot shot into the buckle (this match likes corners) almost allows the hot tag to Moon but Riott breaks it up. As is the case EVERY SINGLE TIME, the hot tag goes through a few seconds later with Moon getting to clean house. Riott kicks her in the face and grabs a rollup for two with Liv holding on as a bonus. The referee does his job for a change and ejects Morgan, leaving Riott to take the Eclipse for the pin at 7:12.

Rating: C-. Another Raw level match and I can’t even get annoyed at Riott taking another pin. That’s the kind of thing that is just going to happen over and over again and it’s not worth getting annoyed over. What did annoy me was that false hot tag into the hot tag thing. Just do something else now and then to mix it up a bit. Like, let the tag go through on the first attempt for once.

The Shield goes old school with the pick up the camera promo, talking about how many changes they’ve caused around here. Those changes are still going. Believe that.

We look at Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin interfering in a Lucha House Party six man earlier tonight, beating up both teams to show off how awesome they are.

Shield vs. Baron Corbin/Drew McIntyre/Bobby Lashley

Before the match, the villains get to say something. Corbin says we’re not going to get a happy ending, just like we didn’t at Wrestlemania. Lashley promises violence. McIntyre wraps it up by saying history is written by the victors and the beating will be real tonight. Rollins has his original Shield vest in a nice touch. Rollins and Corbin start things off in what is likely a future pay per view title match.

Corbin shoulders him down and we hear a story about Renee and Dean’s first date, which included Rollins. It’s off to Dean for the first time with a sliding clothesline putting Corbin in more trouble. Lashley comes in and gets a clothesline of his own as the Shield starts picking up the pace on the villains. We settle down to Reigns vs. McIntyre with the Samoan drop giving Reigns two. Ambrose comes in again and the suicide dive hits McIntyre. Lashley and Corbin are right there to beat Dean down though and it’s Ambrose in trouble for the first time.

Corbin knocks Rollins and Reigns off the apron though and Dean slaps on a surprise Figure Four with McIntyre making the save. A snap suplex almost lets Dean get over for the tag so Lashley is right back with a belly to belly. Dean finally gets in a neckbreaker so Rollins can come in with the springboard clothesline. Corbin’s chokebreaker is countered into a rollup for two but Lashley clotheslines him from behind.

Rollins is fine enough to knock both of them off the top and high crossbody Corbin, allowing the tag to Reigns. Everything breaks down and the standing elbow lets Dean drop Drew. There’s a Rebound Lariat from Dean and a superkick from Seth at the same time, plus a spear to cut Lashley down. The Stomp into Dirty Deeds plants Corbin and it’s the final TripleBomb for the pin at 14:26.

Rating: C+. It’s almost every Shield match you’ve seen for years, but very thankfully about ten minutes shorter than the original match at Fastlane. There was no doubt about who was winning here and there was no need to have these goons and McIntyre put them in trouble for very long. This was the Greatest Hits version of the Shield and that’s exactly what it should have been in their swan song.

Post match the Shield poses and the fans thank Ambrose, including a PLEASE DON’T GO chant. Rollins: “Don’t you think we tried that already?” Seth talks bout how long it took to get us here and how none of this would be possible without the family in the ring. They hug and say something the mic isn’t supposed to hear and it’s time for Ambrose’s big farewell.

Dean talks about how the three of them are just like everyone else: if you work hard enough you can get anywhere you want to go and (with a point to Reigns) overcome any obstacle in front of you. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, stick your middle finger in the air and go get it. Reigns actually doesn’t say anything and it’s posing to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. It wasn’t a show that you need to see whatsoever but they were in and out in about an hour and ten minutes so it’s not like it’s overly long. It’s really more of a footnote than anything else and after saying goodbye to the Shield so many times already, it’s kind of hard to get invested in it all over again. For a third of a house show with a special main event, it was completely fine but only worth seeing if you’re a major Shield fan.

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