The Strong Style Easter Weekend Saturday Thread!

Good morning!  This is being written way in advance because I’ve got stuff going on this weekend, but obviously today is a packed sports day, with NHL and NBA playoffs continuing, plus baseball.

I want to give advance warning to Rant Archive purchasers:  The work account I use for Office / OneDrive is finally expiring in June after many years of prepaid service come to an end, and I’m switching to a different account when that happens.  My goal is to migrate everything over and leave the old account alone for people with archive subscriptions, but my life is rarely that uncomplicated so if you suddenly lose access in a month, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get you a new link.

And hey, if you want to buy access to the Archives and get everything I write as I write it, plus everything I’ve got archived over the past 25 years or so as well in a OneDrive link, just shoot me $20 via PayPal and I’ll send it out to you.

Enjoy your Easter weekend and eat lots of chocolate eggs.